Down Gauge Wrap

Down Gauge Stretch Wrap

Superior tension stretch qualities, superb cling, and outstanding tear resistance describe our Economy-Hand Stretch Wrap!  Featherweight and easy to handle. Do not need to use as much to wrap. Rubberband effect so it's less likely to experience breakage. Tier Pricing is Per Case.

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Save with Down-Gauging of Stretch Wrap

The reduction of damages during the transit is only achievable with a correct packaging system and the Stretch Wrap packaging is of undeniable importance when it comes to manufacturers, packaging, and shipping companies. The lightweight yet durable Shrink Wrap offers many benefits but falls short in sustainability. After all, like most other petroleum-based products the Stretch Wrap contains the same adverse effects on the environment. Down-Gauging is a product of the ever-increasing awareness on limiting the use of products harmful to the environment.

Stretch Wrap Down Gauging Benefits

Down-Gauging of Stretch Wraps refers to using a thinner and lighter version of the wrapping products. The resilience of today’s Stretch Wrap most often will compensate for using the lower gauge wraps while reducing the negative effects on the environment.

The Down-Gauging also makes great economic sense with lowering the cost when high gauge stretch wrap is replaced with a lower gauge. It is important to note that the down gauging would only work if the use of the light film would not compromise the integrity of the packages or need for using too many layers of the shrink wrap to defeat the downgauging purpose. This is called Load Containment, which is the focal point for all manufacturers and shippers alike. Average Down Gauging results in cutting the material costs by 20% to 25% while decreasing the adverse environmental effects.

Stretch Wrap Advantages

While the consumers have discovered many uses for utilizing the Stretch Wraps in their daily tasks the pallet wrapping is the most common use of Stretch Wraps in the above-mentioned industries. From the use of the Stretch Wrap in wrapping the suitcases prior to travel to wrapping household items during the move, the consumers are using miles and miles of Stretch Wrap on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the industrial use of the Stretch Wrap has been on the rise ever since its introduction to the market. Regardless of the user, the popularity of the Stretch Wrap is due to many factors including:

  • Lightweight - Extremely lightweight Stretch Wrap does the job without adding a noticeable weight to increase the shipping costs

  • Load Containment – The lightweight of the Stretch Wrap does not minimize its superior load containment especially when it comes to the pallet wrapping

  • Puncture Resistant – The ability to stretch along while applying multiple layers creates a fairly acceptable puncture resistance when the Stretch Wraps are used in packaging

  • Clear and See Through – Makes it easier to identify the contents of the pallets