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Exceptionally tough and durable, our Cast Stretch Film is an excellent source for successful shipping. This hand application film is noted for its superb load holding strength! Unlike blown stretch film, our Cast Stretch Film delivers a high gloss/clear visual clarity that allows you to identify product easily plus aid you in stock procedures while protecting your investment. Tier Pricing is Per Case.

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STRCAST1880B 18" x 1500' Black Cast Hand 80G 1 $26.20 $25.15 $24.10 $23.06 $22.27

STRCHF1580A 15" x 1500' Cast Hand 80G 4 $80.69 $77.46 $74.23 $71.01 $68.59

STRCHF1880A 18" x 1500' Cast Hand 80G 4 $92.66 $88.95 $85.25 $81.54 $78.76

Cast Stretch Wrap: A Very Cost-Efficient Packaging Tool

The world is generally in hunt of shipping items, which aren’t so costly but last long. Business or individuals prefer cheap items with high performance or return on the given payment or investment. These are the products, which are more convenient and reliable but doesn’t need high costs. Stretch wrap or stretch film is one of the tools, which people commonly employ regularly in load storing or in shipping items. It’s one of the effective and most likely to be used in product packing.

Introducing Stretch Films

Stretch film is known to be one of the most popular methods in pallet wrapping. It’s confirmed by daily consumers and even giant companies in the market. It’s efficient in superior protection from debris, moisture, dust, and even dirty hands, and is versatile in fitting load applications. You see, it’s multifaceted kind of wrapping.

In case you didn’t know yet, there are two kinds of manufacturing processes in stretch films: the blown and cast processes. These two have their unique characteristics.

What is a Cast Stretch Film?

Cast stretch film is also known as cast stretch wrap. It’s manufactured with the help of a cast extrusion procedure. It begins by having granular resin served into a heated screw barrel. It has an incessant process by which a material is liquefied and extruded via a flat die onto a chill roll, where it’s restrained and re-hardened.

On the other hand, blown stretch wrap is manufactured through the blown film extrusion procedure. The plastic melt is extruded to create a small walled tube. The air goes in the hole in the middle of the die to blow up the tube similar to a balloon.

You see, the air blows into the wrap to calm it. That enables the wrap to be more resilient and robust, safeguarding the goods from sharp objects. However, that will cost users higher expenses because of its manufacturing process.

Furthermore, the manufacturing procedure of cast stretch wrap enables the wrap to have a high level of clarity. It includes a tiny amount of force to extend, has excellent grip, and unties quietly. Its improved clarity enables consumers to view wrapped goods much clearer. It also has excellent optics, glossy and clear. It is rip-resistance, film width and clings are all reliable. Usually, it’s less costly because of the manufacturing but guarantees you an exceptional level of performance.

In your hunt for the most eco-efficient in packing your goods, for storage or even in shipping is now accessible! Our cast stretch wrap meets the satisfaction standards of our consumers. Given that cast stretch is low cost, it was the most utilized stretch film within the market. The majority of people would consider it as quality and economy wise packing wrap.

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