Trouble Checking Out

Quick Shopping Cart Help

We are sorry you are having issues checking out. Below are the most common problems customers have when checking out of the shopping carts. Hopefully, we can quickly assist you with the details below. If you are still having issues please call our customer service to place an order on your behalf. Customer Service is available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST (800) 878-7703

Most Common Shopping Cart Checkout Errors

  1. The website spins after I hit the checkout button:

    1. Try Clearing your cache - Make sure to uncheck password box if you want to keep your passwords. If you do not know how to clear cache please see below.

    2. Depending on the version of a browser you are using settings can change around, however, you can look for similar settings in the browser you are currently using with the link below "Clear Cookies". For the following browsers below read directions toward the bottom of the webpage. Locate your browser icon and click on it: Clear Cookies

      1. Chrome

      2. Firefox

      3. Internet Explorer

      4. Safari

      5. Opera

    3. Your web browser may be out of date. Try another one of the browsers above or update your browser. Chrome and Firefox are the most common shopping cart browsers.

    4. Paypal will not let me checkout - Please see quick Paypal Troubleshooting

    5. Be sure your State field is filled in using the dropdown Example: Florida and not FL

  2. You may have to fill out your order / information again. Make sure to fill in all the red asterisks these are mandatory fields.

    1. If you get an error message it may be due to your bank declining payment. Sometimes the credit card company wants to verify it is you placing the order. Call your credit card company and they will provide the reason and release so you may order.

    2. If Billing and Shipping Address are different did you uncheck the box to fill in billing details? Make sure to click the update button so that the new billing address saves. 

    3. If the credit card is from another country checkout with PayPal or Amazon Pay. Orders may only be delivered in the US 48 states.

    4. Before submitting for final checkout make sure all the details are correct. When you receive an error message Braintree does not always respond what is wrong. It could be a space in the address is wrong or the zip code is wrong etc... Please look at the input carefully. Only red asterisks need filling in unless you have an apartment or suite etc... that requires a second address field.