1/2" Large Bubble

- Economy - Light Duty Bubble Cushioning Wrap
- 1/2" Tall  (approx. 1-14" wide)
- Perforated every 12" easy to tear
- Absolutely FREE SHIPPING!!
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BUBLR0120065 65' 12" 1/2" (Large) $24.15 $22.94 $21.74 $20.53

BUBLR0240065 65' 24" 1/2" (Large) $46.20 $43.89 $41.58 $39.27

BUBLR0480065 65' 48" 1/2" (Large) $83.95 $80.59 $77.23 $77.23

What Size Bubble Rolls Is Best?

Bubble rolls are manufactured with different size bubbles. Small bubble rolls are 3/16” thick, medium bubble cushion 5/16”, and large bubble rolls are 1/2” thick. If you have a hard time deciding which bubble roll to use to wrap each item use the general guideline below to simplify this task.

  • Small Bubble Rolls - glassware, china, figurines, picture frames, purses, boots, and electronics
  • Large and Medium Bubble Rolls – Use large or medium bubble rolls depending on the size of the items – flat screen TV, artwork, mirrors, furniture, box voids, glass cabinet doors, and tabletops

Which Side Of The Bubble Roll Protects?

Always use the bubble side toward the item you are trying to protect. The cushioning part with the bubbles facing the fragile item will provide the item protection from vibration, scratches, chips, and dents. The air filled pockets absorb the shock and prevent the item from bumping each other causing harm. The smooth side of the bubble roll rests safely on the outer surface of the packing material when using a moving box or furniture moving blanket as an added layer of protection. You may also use tape to secure the ends and a magic marker to identify the items you wrapped in bubble cushion.

How To Use Large Bubble Rolls?

Large bubble sheets may be used to wrap many manufactured goods in today's market. Consumers are buying on the internet and have items shipped to their home or office. Shipping furniture has become standard in today's marketplace. Large bubble rolls can protect glass and fragile surfaces from damage during transit. More delicate items can be protected in cardboard boxes by placing an outer layer of large bubble cushion wrap to line the box before placing the fragile object inside the layer of air cushion. StarBoxes has a large selection of bubble rolls in various widths and lengths. The large bubble rolls are perforated for ease of tearing and the bubble widths come in 12”, 24” and 48” size. First measure what you are wrapping to decide on width. Next, determine the length you will need and tear the perforated sheet. Use packing tape to seal the ends and you may use a magic marker to label each item.

Top 6 Household Uses For Bubble Rolls

Gardening: Bubble rolls are very useful for gardening. Whether recycling bubble rolls or purchasing for larger projects the bubble rolls are a handy material while gardening. For larger projects such as the greenhouse StarBoxes, larger bubble rolls will add weather resistant protection during the winter. Measure your greenhouse to determine the best widths and length bubble sheets. You may also wrap gardening tools with bubble to prevent blisters and use sheets of bubble cushioning to protect plants during Springtime frosts.

Holiday Decorations: Use leftover bubble rolls from holiday packaging to wrap your holiday decorations or gift wrap fragile presents. Perfect for wrapping Christmas balls, glass salt and pepper shakers, or your favorite holiday serving dishes.

Insulate Windows With Bubble Cushion Wrap: Trying to save money on heating bills? Try placing large bubble rolls over the windows to keep the cold air out and warm air in. If the bubble is not wide enough for your windows tape several pieces together to provide a full layer of bubble window insulator protection. Good for cellar and door windows for added protection to keep the cold air out.

Kids Craft Projects

Whether you are a stay at home Mom or take your kids to a school or daycare recycled bubble rolls come in handy for craft projects. School teachers can use bubble sheets in art class or daycare nurseries can use finger paints and cutouts to make holiday decorations. At home, kids can have fun with a hopscotch bubble cushion game. Check out some great ideas on our Pinterest craft board.

Insulate food for cold storage

If you have ever had to run to the grocery store and errands in the Summer months then having some bubble cushioning on hand is handy to keep food cold for a longer period of time. Today many grocery stores require you to bring your recyclable bags and you can line them with a layer of bubble cushion to keep fragile items like eggs or food cold.

Keeping Designer Handbags & Shoes In Good Shape

Quality designer handbags and shoes are expensive and keeping them in good shape requires a filler when not in use. Bubble cushion wrap comes in handy to stuff in purses, shoes, and boots to keep their form. Before storing them pack the designer accessories with bubble cushion to keep shoes, boots, and purses from caving in and creating wrinkles and creases losing their form.