1. Heavy Duty 2" Tape Dispenser


Guidelines to Use a Tape Dispenser

A tape dispenser is no doubt a practical supply, which will be ideal for supporting any of your packing activity whenever you want with StarBoxes lightweight portable tape gun. It enables you to hold big rolls of tape, helping you to speed up your work in sealed boxes or any other items smoothly.

Indeed, it will offer you sufficient comfort and easiness since you can’t unroll the tape and cut it with one hand. Thus, offering this particular supply in your commercial business will be something essential to do.

Certainly, you could load a new roll of tape easily if your tape dispenser is running out of tape. There’s no need for you to worry when it comes to the installation since it’s very simple to do.

How to install tape in a tape dispenser?

What you need to do first is organizing the replacement roll of your tape. After that, you can now continue by unhooking the plastic tabs and dividing the dispenser into halves. Distribute those halves of your dispenser slowly so you could get rid of the empty roll easily.

Insert the new roll in your tape dispenser ‘till it unrolls the smooth side next to its teeth. Catch the plastic tabs and set the splits of the dispenser up into a single device. You must grab some inches of the tape and grab it under the plastic feeders. Normally, the feeders are situated at least an inch at the back of the metal teeth.

How to starting using the dispenser?

If you want to utilize your tape dispenser to pack your shipping boxes, you could easily pull the tape toward the teeth. You must stick down the end of the tape, and move the tape dispenser backward. Your tape must track it to any region, which you need to pack or seal.

Rotate the tape dispenser whenever you want to cut the tape. The tape dispenser’s tape will engage an end of the tape. Thus, tearing and ripping while moving could be done to cut the tape smoothly.

Now, with that kind of convenient in reloading an extra roll of tape, running out of tape midst of your packing task is no longer an issue for you. You can simply install the replacement, and you could go back to your task as smooth as possible.

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