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SKU Size STRENGTH / DEPTH Price Tier Pricing BUNDLE/ BALE QTY. Add to Cart
100 250 500 1000
BOX141414MD 14" x 14" x 14" Multi 12,10,8" $2.67 $2.56 $2.48 $2.43 $2.35 25/250

BOX080808MD 8"x8"x8" Multi 6,4" $1.63 $1.39 $1.30 $0.91 $0.88 25/900

BOX1209012 12 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 12" Mult 10,8,6" $2.46 $2.36 $2.31 $2.26 $2.09 25/500

BOX121212MD 12 x 12 x 12" Multi 10,8" $2.35 $2.28 $2.21 $2.14 $1.93 25/500

Cheap Multi-Depth Shipping Boxes – What You Must Know Before Purchasing Them

Do you need to ship some products, but you are short on cash flow? Then you need to look for cheap multi-depth boxes.

Did you know that buying cheap multi-depth boxes doesn’t mean they are of any low quality? It’s just that they are much affordable than other shipping boxes available in the market. They can be utilized to transport a collection of products and goods from valuable ornaments to heavier decor. A shipping box like this one can also be utilized temperature control to the goods if you include polystyrene sheets.

What are the materials used for multi-depth boxes?

The cheapest materials which are accessible to making multi-depth boxes are cardboard. You see, cardboard is made from a tree pulp. They add strength to your box, as it’s pleated or corrugated before being pressed in between 2 other layers of cardboard.

It’s also likely to get cheap packing supplies. These will have the benefit of protecting your goods while being shipped by a shipping carrier. To save a few bucks when buying your multi-depth box, you might consider purchasing from a wholesaler like Starboxes so that you have a stockpile of these boxes rather than paying more one by one.

Multi-depth boxes are more likely to a be standard white or brown color. This color scheme is surely real if you purchase a cheap box. There’s no reason why you can’t add a bit of color to the boxes through stamping your company logo onto the exterior of them. Plus, if you plan to use packing materials you can use kraft bubble rolls with stamp or use logo stickers to seal bubble cushion, newsprint or foam.

The size of the boxes which you will be purchase will vary on what the shipping requirements. Typically, smaller boxes are much affordable, as they utilize less material. Do not purchase a small box if you need a large multi-depth box only because you wish to save some cash. Keep in mind packing materials keep your shipping goods safe.

Where is the best place to buy multi-depth boxes?

The ideal place to shop for multi-depth boxes which are affordable is online. Generally, you’ll be saving on the effort and time which is required to search for them locally, even fuel expenses, parking expenses and more. Nonetheless, the huge savings will surface as most online stores provide discounts, specials and reward points which you would not find in office supply shops or packing supply shops. What’s more, most companies will deliver your goods straight to your door for a small charge. That makes online shopping much convenient and hassle-free.

For a tip: do not think about purchasing any cheap shipping boxes. As an alternative, considering about purchasing multi-depth shipping boxes which are cheaper. A smart shopper will understand that not just are these boxes the ideal way to transport products, but you do not need to spend lots of money to accomplish this.

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