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What Kinds of Tape Products are Accessible?

The term tape product encompasses a lot of various kinds of items that have various usages. Here are some common types of tape products for packing and shipping that are available to use.

  • Glow in the dark tape

Did you know that a glow in the dark tape could stay bright after the light has been turned off? It can be utilized on hazard signs to help individuals see things in the dark. Commonly, it’s used in industrial purposes and used to catch the attention of people to things, which might not be seen, no matter what the light conditions are.

  • Carpet Tape

On the other hand, a carpet tape is a type of substance often utilized by carpet fitters. It can be utilized to help keep the carpet in place. It can also be used to smarten up rough edges on carpets, so it looks cleaner when it’s in place.

Typically, it’s double-sized so that it could create a strong attachment between the back of the carpet and the floor. This will avoid the carpet from slipping around and putting individuals in any danger.

  • Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape can attract specific kind of metal to it. It could be stuck to other magnetic tapes as well. Often, it’s employed for materials that must be held. However, which must be held together roughly. It could be pulled apart easily.

  • Reflective Tape

A reflective tape, on the other hand, mirrors light back towards the light source. It’s a good option if you want to mark something out as a danger or make it simpler to see in dark settings. It can be utilized on a solid object, or clothing, depending on its application.

  • Teflon Tape

Alternatively, Teflon tape is also called as PTFE. It’s utilized in most industries like plumbing to be covered around pipes that could help make a plethora of functions simpler to do. It also serves as a thread lubricant, a filler or a way of making joints simpler to tighten.

  • Hot Melt Tape

This synthetic rubber of hot melt tape is a perfect option or shipping because of its capability to endure rough handling. They stay flexible in low temperatures, which makes them ideal for scenarios when the tape is used in cold climates or a freezer.

  • Gummed Paper Tape

This kind of tape offers durable instant bond. This is another alternative for covering corrugated surfaces. You see, the inflexibility of the kraft paper back together with the reinforcing filaments and water activated adhesive makes the tape super strong. Gum tape could also be imprinted along with a custom logo.

Looking for Packing and Shipping Tapes?

If you are not certain about which kind of tape products you might require, you could also call a packaging specialist with StarBoxes for all your needs. We can help you find the perfect tapes for your needs. Bear in mind that there are a plethora of types of tape items available for you to choose from a selection. Picking the right type could make your job much stress-free and easier.