Secure Ordering

Is Starboxes Website Secure?

Starboxes website is secure utilizing Cloud Flare. The product prevents attackers from obtaining customer information such as personal information and user system credentials stored in Starboxes databases. It also protects our websites and API's from malicious attackers from targeting our network and application layers known as a DDoS Attack. As another security measure, Cloudflare blocks bots trying to maliciously scrape for content or fraudulent checkout with the intent to take over accounts.

What Is the Green Lock and HTTPS in the URL?

When a website has a green padlock at the beginning before the URL this signifies the website has an EV Certificate or better known as an Extended Valuation certificate.  This type of identity verification standard is more rigorous than other types of certificates to ensure the site you are shopping on is secure. HTTPS is the secured version over HTTP. This means the data is encrypted over the internet. Credit cards should not be sent over an internet connection with only HTTP.

Should I Logout After I Place My Order?

We recommend customers to log out each time after placing an order. Upon exiting the browser you may want to clear your cookies to avoid caching issues when logging back in.

Starboxes Secure Credit Card Details Stored In Braintree Vault

Every shopping cart must be compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Starboxes stores customers payment method in Braintree Vault for the safeguarding of customers data and be compliant with PCI DSS. All stored payment methods do not include the CVV and must be completed with each order. 

I See A Charge On My Credit Card And Did Not Checkout

Depending on the payment method Braintree automatically charges a $0.00 or $1.00 to verify the details of the charge.  Soon after a void is sent to your bank to credit the transaction and it will fall off. The correct charges will update in your credit card details depending on how fast your bank processes and posts the amounts to your account.

Why Am I Being Contacted To Verify My Information?

From time to time Starboxes Customer Service Representatives will contact customers to verify details. It is our intention to ensure the addresses are correct and your credit details are safely verified. We take the security of your information seriously and commit to doing our best in protecting your valuable information. Although we are an online business we take the same measures you may be asked while shopping in-store to verify your identity. If necessary, we will contact you at the phone number listed on the order and if you are not available a message will be left to contact Starboxes at your earliest convenience.  The order will be placed in hold status until the information is verified.