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Long Boxes 


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100 250 500 1000
BOX080404 8 x 4 x 4" ECT32 $1.43 $0.83 $0.84 $0.77 $0.76 25/1800

BOX120606 12" x 6" x 6" ECT32 $1.65 $1.19 $1.17 $1.14 $0.79 25/1000

Buy Long Boxes for Better Packaging and Shipping

Long shipping boxes are a long and almost flat type of boxes. They are accessible in a wide range of dimensions. These type of boxes are ideal for shipping goods which cannot fit in average boxes, but still, require to be delivered great distances. The type of items which you might wish to put into a long box includes flowers, muskets, rifles, fishing poles, maps, sporting equipment, or golf clubs. Such boxes will keep all your goods secure and safe so that they’ll arrive at your destination in good condition.

More Information about Long Boxes

Long boxes are typically made from wood or cardboard. The cardboard boxes feature corrugated fiberboard for added durability and strength. Such boxes can be utilized to ship a big range of long products. Meanwhile, wooden boxes should be lightweight and are the often costlier type of shipping method. But they are perfect if you want to transport muskets or rifles.

You will find various kinds of dimensions which are utilized for long boxes. However, the standard long boxes are 20" x 8" x 8" and 12" x 6" x 4". This wide array of sizes is the reason why long boxes have become so famous and widely utilized by the business realm.

How else would you wish to get that precious golf club you want on the 18th hole to earn an eagle and secure your success? The key is a long shipping box!

StarBoxes Long Boxes for Business

If you’re running a business which focuses on delivering many various goods like skateboards or industrail parts then you’ll wish your box to stand out. It’s likely to customize a long box, as they’re made from cardboard. They are typically accessible in conventional brown, but you could get an adhesive sticker, so your logo is included. That will offer you free promotion too.

Irrespective of whether you purchase wooden or cardboard boxes, you can get a bit creative, so your recipient knows that it’s from you without even needing to open them.

Where Can You Find Long Boxes?

Usually, long boxes are found in shipping supply stores. You might need to get a bit creative along with your shopping, or you could shop online at StarBoxes. By maximizing the services presented on the web, you will explore the wide array of boxes which are accessible and perhaps get some discounts and deals as well.

If you are considering to ship any longer items, then you’ll need to look for a specialty shop. But fret not because you will find a lot of them around. Through shopping online, you will not just find it cost-effective and simple. It is also convenient too!

You need to remember that long shipping boxes are considered custom-made items. Your clients might feel unique and special if their goods or items come in a long box which matches the contents requirement.

For your entire long box shopping needs, there’s only one name to depend on! Shop at Starboxes today for all your shipping boxes needs. For queries, feel free to contact us.