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dunnage bags

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Protect your product during transit and help increase cube efficiency. They are: Waterproof, 100% Recyclable, 100% Guaranteed, & AAR Certified Free-Flo inflation / Deflation system is FASTER and EASIER TO USE. The inflation tool is made of cast aluminum so it's built to last PLUS it: Fills a 36x36 bag to 1.5 psig in 4 seconds

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SKU Product Name Price Tier Pricing Add to Cart
1 10 20 30
DUNNAGE36485 5 Dunnage Bags 36" x 48" Freight Saver With Free Flow Inflator/Deflator Gun $90.25 $90.25 $90.25 $90.25 $90.25

DUNNAGE36665 5 Dunnage Bags 36" x 66" Freight Saver With Free Flow Inflator/Deflator Gun $94.45 $94.45 $94.45 $94.45 $94.45

DUNNAGE48605 5 Dunnage Bags 48 x 60 Inflatable Freight Saver With Free Flow Inflator/Deflator Gun $94.49 $94.49 $94.49 $94.49 $94.49

DUNNAGE36365 5 Dunnage Bags 36 x 36 Freight Saver With Free-Flo Inflation/Deflation Gun $83.95 $83.95 $83.95 $83.95 $83.95

FLOINFLATE01 Free-Flo Dunnage Bag Inflation/Deflation Tool $52.45 $52.45 $52.45 $52.45 $52.45

DUNNAGE36X36 Dunnage Bag 36" x 36" $14.65 $14.65 $6.25 $5.88 $5.46

DUNNAGE36X48 Dunnage Bag 36" x 48" $17.80 $17.80 $7.30 $6.88 $6.29

DUNNAGE36X66 Dunnage Bag 36" x 66" $19.90 $19.90 $8.35 $7.82 $7.34

DUNNAGE48X60 Dunnage Bag 48" X 60" $20.95 $20.95 $9.19 $8.82 $8.35

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Dunnage Bags: Excellent Source for Cargo Protection

Dunnage Bags by StarBoxes, also known as Air Bags or Air Cushions, are a multi-use solution for stabilizing cargo in trailers and marine transportation. Shipping of the goods and the possibility of damages during transit is a challenge for all manufacturers, shippers and commercial businesses. The frequent product returns due to cracks or scratches could become a customer service nightmare and hurt the brand’s reputation. Having correct packaging procedures and using quality packing supplies is some of the ways to reduce the number of damages and acquire repeat clients over time.

Dunnage Bags are the ideal packing supply to reduce the risks of shipping damage costs resulting in the loss of revenue. The main function of the StarBoxes Dunnage Bags is the good load stabilizing capability, which can protect the load by withstanding pressure. The Dunnage Air Bags are equipped with perfect resistance to protect the cargo from damages associated with the never-ending load shifting during transit.

Dunnage Bags offered by StarBoxes are manufactured from woven polypropylene creating high-strength waterproof bags capable of enduring accidental pressure from surrounding cargo and other objects. Each Dunnage Cushioning Bag consists of an inner liner with polyethylene film for extra protection. The StarBoxes offers top-quality Dunnage Bags which are tough, fast to inflate, and dependable at the most competitive pricing. Use these Dunnage Bags to protect your cargo, reduce damages and increase revenue by limiting the possibility of items being returned.

Air Cushion bags have been gaining popularity amongst manufacturers and shippers due to their ability to save time and money. They are lightweight, easier to use, and are less costly than other available alternatives. The Air Cushions inflate and deflate easier and faster, a 36” X 36” Dunnage Bag by StarBoxes inflates to 1.5 psig within 4 seconds resulting in saving in labor costs.

Components of Dunnage Air Bags

Commonly known as Recyclable bags, Dunnage Air Bags are constructed with waterproof and special components. Equipped with an inflatable and built-in polyethylene bladder, they are a high-end and innovative bracing tool. Since 1970, dunnage bags have received widespread popularity among manufacturing companies and other businesses because of their cost-effectiveness and convenient cargo stabilizing ability in closed railcars, ocean vessels, and trucks. They also improve road safety by reducing the damages which normally stem from improperly secured cargo.

Top Reasons For Dunnage Bags

  • Used to restrain movement of loads in shipping trucks, dunnage air bags are an effective and flexible tool in railcars or overseas containers
  • They can also fill voids, absorb vibrations, brace loads, and protect items from potential damages
  • Dunnage bags are also better than any bracing forms
  • While they are easy to use, they are time-saving with a quick installation and provide long-lasting performance
  • Dunnage air bags are available in a variety of designs and sizes to edge cushioning
  • Our solutions come in 36x36, 36x48, 36x66 and more sizes
Whether you want to stabilize or protect your cargo during transit, products at Starboxes are a quality and affordable investment. Air Cushions For Packaging can also help commercial businesses increase and promote cube efficiency. They are 100% recyclable, and fast to employ. Our package also consists of a cast iron deflation system that can last for years.
For inquiries about saving even more with volume orders please contact our Dunnage or Polywoven Bags experts at StarBoxes