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  1. Protective Mask 50-Pack

  2. The center melt-blown fabric lining screens the dust, soot, and other particulate air matter

Personal Protection Equipment, PPE, for Businesses

Although the COVID19 pandemic has made PPE a household terminology many businesses are familiar and some required in using Personal Protection Equipment. Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and construction have been subjected to OSHA guidelines on PPE for many years. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, issues such guidelines and monitors their implementation in different industries. The purpose of PPE is to protect workers from injuries associated with a hazardous work environment.

Employers and PPE According to OSHA

OSHA explains PPE as “equipment worn to minimize exposure to a variety of hazards” and it is clear about the employer’s responsibilities in providing a safe work environment and PPE. In the aftermath of COVID-19, the small segment of employers who were subjected to providing PPE has changed to cover almost all employers. Providing masks and gloves to employees has spread to all sectors including retail and service industries. The new rules and guidelines are mostly imposed by local governments while OSHA is still monitoring the industries as they have done in the past.

Cost of PPE for Businesses

Cost of PPE like masks, gloves, and hard hats are always considered as operational expenses to be written off at the end of the tax year. The financial hardship caused by the pandemic made the occurring extra expense and waiting to be reimbursed difficult for small businesses. This prompted the legislator to allow business owners to reach out to the funds they have received through Payroll Protection Act. This has been welcome news to small business owners. These businesses have been subjected to unexpected expenses for supplying PPE gloves and masks while suffering the loss of business.

Ordering PPE for Offices and Other Businesses

There are two main factors to consider when ordering Wholesale PPE for offices and other businesses; cost and quality. There is no reason to pay more for the same PPE regardless of where the funds for purchasing PPE come from. To start, business owners should do a need-assessment and create a list of the PPE sufficient for all employees. Some businesses also stock additional PPE to hand out to their customers as a courtesy. Masks and gloves do not require a large space for storage and the bulk ordering of PPE is a great way to save on the cost.

If businesses are in direct contact with consumers, having hand sanitizers available for customers may be necessary by local mandates. Also, businesses have the obligation to protect their employees by supplying the necessary PPE for the job. The health of employees is detrimental to their productivity and the extra care by employers will be rewarded by employees’ royalty.

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