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Superior load retention, elongation ability, and great tear resistance, you’ll profit grandly from this hand application style Blown Stretch Film! Our Blown Stretch Film works outstanding against puncture, moisture, and scratch damaging. This film is perfect for securing heavier loads during shipping and moving. With its one side cling attribute, pallets and packages will not lock together during transit. Tier Pricing is Per Case.

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SKU Size Style GA. (ROLLS/ CASE) Price Tier Pricing Add to Cart
4 8 16 24
STRBHF1580A 15" x 1500' Blown Hand 80G 4 $80.69 $77.46 $74.23 $71.01 $68.59

STRBHF1590A 15" x 1500' Blown Hand 90G 4 $88.15 $84.62 $81.10 $77.57 $74.93

STRBHF1870A 18" x 1500' Blown Hand 70G 4 $88.15 $84.62 $81.10 $77.57 $74.05

STRBHF1880A 18" x 1500' Blown Hand 80G 4 $94.45 $90.67 $86.89 $83.12 $80.28

STRBHF1890A 18" x 1500' Blown Hand 90G 4 $101.33 $97.28 $93.22 $89.17 $86.13

How Blown Stretch Wrap Will Save Money and Make Shipping More Profitable For Your Business

These days, the awareness of how people see products usually is identified by how the goods are packaged. In most cases, a good item might go ignored because an average item contained a higher grade of packaging. Thus, it offers important attention to commanding impact.

In our society, it is all about appearance. Therefore, to be successful, businesses are opting to package their goods in a much improved marketable manner. You will find many shipment packaging aids. However, what matters is the manner parcels are sealed because of the shakable and moveable transit processes that might lead to product damage before arriving their location.

Many are considering accomplishing such feats by using blown stretch wraps to prevent those mishaps while also promoting your goods.

Why You Need Blown Stretch Wrap?

Do you often ship electronics? Then you must consider a blown stretch wrap. This type of stretch wrap provides a significant economic advantage and performance ability. This excellent self-cling feature of the wrap assures optimum protection from dirt, moisture, water elimination, and puncture resistance. What’s more, its look features individual pallet shipments from others. That makes your product noticed easily and a step above your rivals when neatly packed and contained on a pallet.

Likewise, machine wrap functions flawlessly on different versions of stretch wrap machines. That enables businesses to be effective in their packaging duties.

On A Commercial Point of View

You will find a lot of entrepreneurs who ship bulk consignments from one location to another. Often, they wish to save more on their shipment expenses by doing so. With the help of a superior blown stretch wrap, it lowers cost burden connected with shipping. It also supports other warehouse stocking and shipping operational demands.

You see, identifying the kind of stretch wrap needed for your task is the key. It will depend on the type of materials or items being packaged. A blown stretch wrap is a type of stretch wrap typical and productive.

This wrap is indicated for its damage prevention capability, and one-sided cling attributes, non-transparency making it harder to scan or read labels, and load retention qualities. It is ideal for securing heavier loads throughout shipping.

You must bear in mind that blown stretch wraps are more than just a shipping device. It is also a cost saver. If you have not figured out the advantage of this item, it is vital that you do. This material is very beneficial for packaging. It is also crucial for damage free shipping and advantageous for cost reduction when your items stay safe, neat, and organized.

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