15" x 1500' x 80G, 4 Rls/Cs Hand Wrap Blown

  • Stretch Wrap - 15in x 1500ft x 80 gauged, 4 rolls per case 
  • Blown hand stretch which has an increased extent of memory when stretched to permit packages to be secured
  • Superior cargo holding capabilities as it is puncture resistance 
  • Inhibits motion and tearing during transit making it terrific for large scale enterprises
  • Exceptional cling and can operate at lower temperatures

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How To Protect Products With Blown Hand Stretch Wrap

As a business owner, you probably may wonder what is a blown hand stretch wrap and how does it work? This type of stretch wrap has become an innovative option for many packing and shipping companies to transport and keep their loads protected at the same time.  Blown hand stretch wrap is made of polythene plastic that is extremely stretchable for you to wrap pallets together and transport them easily from one place to another. Here you will find numerous reasons why you should use stretch wrap and how does it work. 

How Does Stretch Wrap Protect Your Packages?

Stretch wrap has become a great method for wrapping and unitizing pallets, boxes, and products. The blown stretch wrap is stretchable making it more proper for this type of task.  Wrapping your loads can help prevent product damage during movement.  Another way that stretch wrap works are that it keeps your merchandise safe from getting dirt and moisture. This wrapping material can be more effective compared to regular bubble roll or strapping when it comes to keeping loads together and safely transporting them.

Top 5 Benefits Of Choosing Stretch Wrap

  • Secure your products palletized -  Wrapping your loads with it can be an excellent way to keep your products protected from environmental elements during transportation or storage.  You can use it to transport your pallets under extreme weather temperatures to help keep your boxes dry and clean.
  • Save time and energy -  Keeping your loads together can be easier for you to transport your pallets and it will allow your employees to locate and organize the merchandise faster.  Wrapping boxes or pallets with wrapping stretch can be fun and easy to do.
  • Effective wrapping material-  Using blown stretch wraps can become an efficient option for your business to help improve your packaging operations and increase your employee productivity at the same time. You can use it for wrapping and keep an inventory control of different types of loads in boxes or pallets.
  • Versatile stretch wrap - Starboxes come in a variety of standard attributes like an anti-static, pre-stretch, opaque black stretch wrap, and much more for you to choose from according to your packaging needs.
More Information
UPC 810106512976
Weight 28.800000
GA. 80G
Color Clear
Material Linear low-density polyethylene
Size 15" x 1500'
Style Blown Hand
Type Shrink/Stretch Wrap
Features / Information Highly Puncture Resistant, Excellent Wrapping Cling, Self-Clinging without leaving residue, Tear-resistant on sharp corners, Capable to working in low temperatures
Wholesale stretch wrap considerable toughness and stretchability
Stretch wrap as its easy to recycle being renewable
Down gauging availability with blown stretch wrap
Blown stretch film with an increased holding strength
Blown stretch film with an improved cling performance
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 1500.000000
Product Width 15.000000
Product Height 0.000000
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