Product Information

Why Is Product Information Important?

When comparing apples to apples in the packaging industry product information is important in making decisions. One company may call a certain size box small while another may advertise as medium box. In addition, the strength of the box may be single wall or double wall and have different Edge Crush Test results. Read our article on Box Strength Edge Crush Test

Corrugated Boxes Comparison:

For example, when buying corrugated boxes, not all are the same. Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge boxes are different sizes and to compare costs you need exact size boxes or use a formula to get the cost comparison.

The Formula For Cubic Feet Comparison

To compare cubic feet use the following formula:

Length x Width x Height / 1728


XL boxes 23x23x16/1729 = 4.9 cubic feet

How To Compare Shipping Mailers

Mailers come in a variety of materials and quality differs from company to company. When comparing the different type mailers look at the different materials used and whether the weights are listed such as the lb of the kraft paper. Also compare dimensions inside to make sure they are the same size. Exterior dimensions could differ depending on the edges. What type of seal is on the lip of the envelope? Is it a Peel-N-Seal or does moisture have to apply to close the shipping bag? Or perhaps it is a clasp closure. Is the inside of the bag lined in bubble cushion or just the outside shipping mailer material constructed of kraft or polyethylene?

Not All Moving Box Kits Are The Same!

When comparing moving box kits it is important to compare all the box sizes within the moving kit as well as the packing materials that are included in the kit. Also factor in whether there is free shipping. How are the corrugated box made? Look at the Edge Crush Test and whether the boxes are single walled or double walled. What type of tape is included? Is it room label tape or standard packing tape? Look at the dimensions of bubble cushioning and how many pounds of packing paper does the moving kit contain.

These type of comparisons will help you decide on the best value. At Starboxes we aim to provide our customers quality product and good value!