Kraft Bubble Rolls

  1. 12" Wide, 125 Feet long,
    3/16" Small Bubble,
    Backed with 40# Kraft paper

  2. 24" Wide, 125 Feet long,
    3/16" Small Bubble,
    Backed with 40# Kraft paper

  3. 48" Wide, 125 Feet long,
    3/16" Small Bubble,
    Backed with 40# Kraft paper

Kraft Bubble Rolls: Making Your Packing Needs Easy

Give your packing process an advantage with Kraft Bubble Rolls. These are one of the best products that every homeowner or office needs. It’s a great product to make your packing fast and successful with moisture resistant backing. Customers deserve the best packing item, and they can get their items packed successfully using this product to protect wooden furniture, shipping fragile items, or storage.

The Bubble Rolls are fit for fragile items such as handpainted artwork, saucers, glasses and more. Customers would find it handy in securing their fragile items when packing. It fits your need due to its quality and durability to hold fragile items while conforming to their shape.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Do you want to secure your items? The Kraft Bubble Rolls make it possible for you. It has a layer of kraft paper over poly interior that maintains the privacy of the item. Homeowners don’t have the trouble of securing the confidentiality of the valuables during packing processes.

The brown kraft paper gives you a sure way to keep your items safe from snoopers. You gain obscure packaging in making your things safe and private while keeping moisture out.

Convenient to Use

The Kraft Bubble Rolls is easy to use with the roll feature making it easy to cut with scissors or a cutting blade. Customers don’t face the hassle of packing and storing their fragile belonging due to this product is moisture resistant.

You can seal the kraft wrap with carton sealing tape. It serves as a great way for you to focus on your other packing needs. Hence, you experience a fast and precise packing process when you need to keep items safe during high humidity or other moisture-related weather conditions.

Water Resistance

Easy and safe packing also pertains to making your items dry. Water might damage some items you put inside the box. So, the bubble rolls would be a great advantage due to its water resistant feature. Yes, you have the assurance of keeping your items dry with the polyethylene-lined bubble interior.

There’s no need to buy plastic and paper to keep your items dry when kraft backed bubble roll is an all-in-one product.

Smooth Surface

Here is a great way to make labeling easy – use the Kraft Bubble Rolls. It features a smooth surface to make labeling easy and fast. You don’t have to worry about the labeling process. The Bubble Rolls are the perfect product you would be happy to use when you need to lable items.

The marks on the Bubble Rolls surface wouldn’t fade. So, you have the assurance of determining the items in each package.

Light Weight Quality Kraft Bubble Rolls

The Kraft Bubble Rolls are lightweight, so you don’t have the trouble of using it. For a heavy packing process, you can find it handy due to its flexible lightweight feature. You would be happy to use whenever you want to keep items protected and dry.

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