Kraft-Backed Bubble Roll 125' x 12" Wide

  • UBMOVE Kraft Backed Bubble Paper 12" Wide, 125 Feet long, and 3/16" Small Bubble cushioning
  • Backed with 40# Kraft paper to protect from moisture and humidity
  • Flexible and easily wrapped on oddly shaped objects with packing tape
  • Use on furniture, paintings, mirrors, and art objects with fragile stickers
  • Use to pack boxes on heavier objects as a surrounding packing material

Kraft Backed Bubble Paper

Kraft backed bubble paper is 12" wide and 125' long. It uses 3/16" small bubble cushioning backed with a durable #40 Kraft paper layer that protects items from damages. Kraft backed bubble paper is a popular alternative to bubble roll as it’s durable and doesn’t sweat. It can be used for packaging furniture or other large objects that require protection from shock during transport.

Easy to Use

One of the best things about Kraft backed bubble paper is that it’s easy to use. It’s easy to cut with a cutting blade or scissors. Kraft backed bubble paper can be sealed with carton sealing tape. This is particularly beneficial when you’re moving to a new place, and you need to keep items safe during high humidity.


You also need to keep items dry. Kraft backed bubble paper is water-resistant, so you rest assured that your items will stay dry during transit. You don’t have to buy paper and plastic just to keep your personal belongings safe from water.

Smooth Surface

Kraft backed bubble paper has a smooth surface, which makes labeling easy. The marks on the surface will not fade, so you can identify the items in each box easily. You can save a lot of time as you don’t need to run around trying to find what you need.


Kraft backed bubble paper is lightweight, so you will find it extremely handy when you’re packing large or heavy items. The flexible, lightweight nature of this product makes it easy to keep things dry and protected.

Packaging Material

Kraft backed bubble paper is also a cost-effective shipping material as it can fill the void in the shipping box. It provides extra protection for heavier items. You can also write on the paper to give the receiver directions or any message you want to say about the items you are shipping. Kraft backed bubble paper is opaque, so it can disguise the contents of the box.

Antique shops can also benefit from Kraft backed bubble paper. Old items should be appropriately packed for transport. If you are selling wood items like jewelry boxes, toys or salad bowls, you should consider using Kraft backed bubble paper as the packing material for your products. It will protect your products and help you save money. You can also rubberstamp your logo or company name on the Kraft backed bubble paper to promote your brand at the same time.

Kraft backed bubble paper can be used to pack glasses, hand painted artwork and other fragile items. The durability and quality of Kraft backed bubble paper can hold a fragile item while conforming to its shape. Your customers will definitely appreciate your effort of protecting what they bought from you.

Kraft backed bubble paper also provides the privacy and confidentiality you need. The Kraft paper layer over poly interior maintains the privacy of the item, so you can secure the secrecy of the item during the packing process. You can protect your valuables from snoopers and deliver it safely to its destination. 

More Information
UPC 810042150638
Weight 4.000000
Size 125' x 12"
Material Wood Pulp / Polyethylene
Color Brown
Kraft bubble roll may used a filler in boxes for void items or to wrap furniture or other objects
Kraft bubble paper is moisture and puncture resistant to protect your goods
Easily disguise shipping goods with the opaque backing of 40# kraft paper
Kraft bubble rolls may be taped together on larger sized objects
Easy to write on when you need to provide instructions or stamp for branding purposes
Features / Information Lightweight, Kraft Paper Back Bubble, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective, easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 125.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.187500
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