Storage Supplies

  1. Qty: Set of 50
    Size: 60"x72"
    Color: Light Brown
    Triple Layer Protection

  2. 30" x 48" 4 Mil (12 packs of 2)

  3. Qty: Set of 12
    Size: 72" x 80"
    Color: Blue/Blue Non Woven
    Weight: 3.58lbs/Pad
    *Color may vary contact us for details

  4. Qty: Set of 12
    Size: 72" x 80"
    Color:Black/Red Non Woven
    Weight: 5.42lbs/Pad

  5. - Size: 54" x 72"
    - Color: Grey
    - Weight: 1.7 lbs Each
    - Material: Recycled Cotton

  6. 40" x 12" x 86" 2 Mil

  7. 54" x 12" x 90" 2 Mil

  8. 61" x 15" x 90" 2 Mil

  9. 76" x 15" x 104" 2 Mil

  10. 152" x 45" 2 Mil

  11. 72" x 46" 2 Mil

Moving Supplies

As relocation increases in the competitive work environment finding the right moving companies and getting quality moving supplies are a necessity for many families.  Since relocation normally offers better opportunities, the moving part of it should not become worrisome to ruin the excitement that a new position, new home, and living environment offers.

The organization and planning is the key to making the moving experience less stressful.  Make an inventory of all the items that need packing in the entire household and write down the moving boxes and packing boxes needed for packing each room.  Browse through the to find the quality moving supplies for your list.  We stock a full line of packing boxes and shipping supplies and pick the items you need for your packing list.

Packing Boxes

To order packing boxes you have the option of ordering through moving box kits that are designed to pack a certain number of rooms.  The moving kits contain the packing supplies, which makes it easier in completing your list.  The second option is ordering through the bundled boxes and purchase the moving boxes and packing supplies that you need to pack all rooms in your house.  The third option is a combination of both of the previous options; order moving box kit based on the number of the room and customize the moving kit by simply adding more boxes in different sizes or specialty boxes.  Generally, you will need to add wardrobe boxes, flat screen TV boxes and mirror and picture boxes to complete moving box kits based on your actual needs