Corrugated Wrap

Corrugated Wrap

Single Face Corrugated Wrap

- 250' length roll and choose between 6 - 48" in width 
- 1/8" B-flutes provide shock absorbing cushioning.
- Use as a cover to prevent scratches or damages
- Low cost economical void fill

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CORUGATROL06 Corrugated Wrap 6" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute $31.45

CORUGATROL12 Corrugated Wrap 12" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute $41.95

CORUGATROL15 Corrugated Wrap 15" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute $49.36

CORUGATROL18 Corrugated Wrap 18" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute $58.28

CORUGATROL24 Corrugated Wrap 24" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute $72.95

CORUGATROL30 Corrugated Wrap 30" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute $83.95

CORUGATROL36 Corrugated Wrap 36" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute $101.33

CORUGATROL48 Corrugated Wrap 48" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute $128.00

Corrugated Wraps: Pack Delicate Items With Ease

Corrugated Wraps are another cost-effective packing supply ideal in protecting the items being shipped from damages without adding too much weight to the cargo. The correct packing of items being shipped is instrumental in delivering them free of scratches, abrasions and other damages. The packaging is the first defense line against damages regardless of the type of object being shipped. Items from furniture and other large items to delicate fragile objects made with metal or glass are susceptible to damages during transit and storage is a big challenge for startups and even big companies.

StarBoxes offers a great selection of the Corrugated Rolls in different widths ranging from 6” to the real wide 48”. While wider Corrugated Wraps are ideal for protecting large items like furniture, the smaller Corrugated Wraps are more suitable for packing of small and fragile items. Whether scratches or chips have been the most common damages, the StarBoxes Corrugated Wraps offer the lasting and effective protection needed during transit.

Unlike the standard Paper Wraps, the Corrugated Wraps offer extra performance, giving you the peace of mind when shipping or storing products. Regardless of the duration in storage, the Corrugated Wrap is a great safeguard against dust and damages. The Corrugated Wraps conform to any shape, making it a versatile solution for commercial and manufacturing companies in the industry. Corrugated Wraps offers unlimited packing solutions through its flexibility to adapt to different shapes of the items being wrapped.

The quality Corrugated Wraps offered by StarBoxes are designed to reduce the number of the items returned by consumers due to damages. This not only will result in disappointment for your customer, but it can also affect a company’s reputation and goodwill. Furthermore, the increase in returns will result in unnecessary shipment expenses. Although some customers might agree for a replacement, others might look for another source which will simply result in loss of revenue and most importantly customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Advantages of Corrugated Wraps

With today’s competitive business environment, customer retention has become the most important item in any business planning for long term results. The number of customers’ returned merchandise is a great index to evaluate the efficiency of the packaging and shipping system in place. If these numbers are high or on a constant increase, the quality of the Packing Supplies and procedures should be reexamined. StarBoxes is committed to offering the cost-effective, top quality Packaging Supplies like our Corrugated Cardboard Rolls while adhering to the highest standards possible at the lowest prices.

Here are a few reasons to incorporate Corrugated Rolls into your packaging system:

  • Corrugated Wrap Offers Shock Absorbing Protection

Corrugated Wrap Rolls are designed to protect delicate and fragile objects through absorbing intense shocks and keep the goods free of damage during transit.

  • Corrugated Cardboards Are Recyclable

Sustainability of the Corrugated Cardboards has been one of the reason in their increasing popularity and use ever since their introduction as a dependable packing supply. The eco-friendly Corrugates Wraps, like most paper products, are easily recyclable.

  • Corrugated Cardboards Are Lightweight

With the ever-increasing shipping and mailing costs, the weight of the packages is one of the deciding factors in controlling the cost. Using the Corrugated Cardboard Rolls and other lightweight Packaging Supplies has become detrimental in reduction and control of shipping charges.

  • Corrugated Cardboards Are Easy to Use

In general, the Corrugated Rolls are easy and fast to use in securely packaging goods. The ease of use and speed could also lower the labor costs needed to safely package the products.

How to Use a Corrugated Wrap?

Using a Corrugated Wrap is similar to wrapping presents, simply wrap the items with a protective layer of the Corrugated Cardboard and secure the ends with Packing Tape. There’s no rule in using a corrugated wrap, you can interleave the Corrugated Sheets between two articles to achieve a perfect cushioning layer or wrap each one with Corrugated Role.  

Use Corrugated Wrap For your Packing Needs

Whether you’re shipping or storing delicate products, the corrugated wrap is a perfect packaging supply offering an affordable solution for reducing the risk of breakage to your goods. The Corrugated Wrap Roll and Wrap Sheets are very flexible making them ideal for packaging of a wide variety of items!

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