Corrugated Wrap 12" x 250' x 1/8" Thick B Flute

  • Corrugated Wrap 12" x 250' x 1/8" at a low price
  • A great alternative to bubble roll for non-fragile goods
  • Pack into open voids to prevent scratches and damage to your items
  • Constructed at a 1/8" thick B flute for a greater crush resistance  
  • Wrap multiple layers for the extra protection of delicate items
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Corrugated Wrap A Great Alternative to Bubble Roll

Corrugated Wrap Rolls have numerous different applications, from wrapping products to keeping products from scratches and scuff while protecting the items from rubbing against other objects. The Corrugated Wrap Rolls also known as the Single Faced Corrugated Wrap is often used on metal, glass, and china along with other breakable or fragile items to protect them from scratches and chips, or breaks. Corrugated Wrap provides substantially extra protection when compared with standard paper wrap. This provides peace of mind reassuring the safety of items during shipping or storage.

The Corrugated Wrap Papers can easily conform to just about any shape, making it an incredibly multi-purpose product. We understand that the last thing you need is for a damaged product to be delivered to a customer. Furthermore, the receipt of damaged products is destined to negatively reflect on your business’s reputation while leading to spending unnecessary time and money to remedy the problem. This is especially true if you are shipping fragile items as well as artwork and sculptures.

The StarBoxes’ wholesale Corrugated Wrap also provides shock-absorbing protection similar to our popular Bubble Roll Wraps while it is completely recyclable and in some instances quicker and easier to cut and use on certain packaging configurations.

StarBoxes offers a variety of different width options to obtain the size that you require for a specific purpose.

At StarBoxes, we aim to provide an extensive selection of wholesale Corrugated Wrap and other packaging and shipping products to create a single source for our customers to order all their packing needs eliminating the requirement for looking around various websites for quality products at reasonable prices.

Use for Corrugated Wrap

At StarBoxes we deliver the Corrugated Cardboard Rolls to many different industries on a daily basis. Each industry has found a way to best utilize the use of the Corrugated Paper Rolls to better protect their products while in transit or stored. They value the quality and level of cushioning offered by our StarBoxes Corrugated Wraps and understand that the reduction in the returned merchandise will easily offset the cost. Some of these industries include:

  • Furniture Manufacturers and Shippers – Wrapping the furniture in Corrugated Cardboard Rolls is a cost-effective solution to reduce the risk of scratch and abrasion. Some furniture manufacturers also cover the walls and floors in the assembly and spray area with Corrugated Wraps for speedy cleanup.
  • Real Estate and Construction – The Wholesale Corrugated Wrap is the go-to economical tool for real estate agents and construction industry in protecting the tile and carpet floors in the traffic area from damages by other workers or potential homebuyers during the open house. 
  • Glass and Mirror Manufacturers – The cheap Corrugated Wraps are perfect separators and as overall protectors for glass and mirror manufacturers.
  • Chemical Manufacturers – Some manufacturers utilize the use of Corrugated Wraps in protecting the harmful chemical containers. The simple wrapping or separating the containers with Corrugated Wrapping Paper offers an additional level of protection by acting as a cushioning agent as well as absorbing most minor accidental spillages.
More Information
UPC 810106512297
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Flat
Type Corrugated Pad
Features / Information Shock-absorbing feature, Extra protection, Recyclable, Variety of widths, Flexible to conform to any shape, Recycle
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 13.000000
Product Length 250.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.125000
You can pack plates, glasses, vases, and other things that can be broken or crushed during the transit inside your shipping box.
This economical corrugated wrap measures 12" X 250' X 1/8", they have a thickness that allows greater resistance, and it can also protect delicate items that may break during the transit.
Protect your boxes from being crushed, since when you wrap your items or fill the box with this packaging, it creates resistance inside your shipping box.
Protect your items safely during the shipping, by wrapping them with this corrugated cardboard wrapper, also take care that the other items around are not crushed by the heavier ones.
UOFFICE corrugated paper that you can use to reinforce the bases of the boxes preventing heavy objects from breaking them.
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