Kraft Bubble Mailer 9.5" x 14.5" #4 - Pack of 400

  • StarBoxes Kraft Bubble Mailer Inside Dimensions: 9.5"x13.25"
  • Full Envelope Outside Dimensions: 9.75"x14.5"; possible .5" +/- variance on the sizing
  • Manufactured with 52# Kraft Paper with 3/16" bubble cushion interior
  • Easy to close with an adhesive peel-n-seal
  • Ecommerce or for office use pack of 400 mailers


Kraft Bubble Mailers A Popular Packaging Choice

When it comes to shipping your online products you will want to give your customers an excellent impression by using adequate packaging material. Kraft bubble mailers are a popular choice when it comes to shipping and protecting products. Shipping products to different destinations can sometimes be expensive and a stressful situation at the same time. If you are trying to find the correct packaging material that can help solve all of your problems then continue reading more about StarBoxes kraft bubble mailers.

What are Kraft bubble mailers for?

Kraft bubble mailers have become a popular choice in the e-commerce industry when it comes to shipping products. These padded mailers come with a peel and seal closure that facilitates your packaging process. Not only you will speed up your packaging process but you will also save on freight costs. They are ideal for shipping non-fragile items that don’t need to be shipped in bulky boxes like clothing, books, shoes, and electronic devices. These shipping envelopes come with a bubble padding interior that keeps items protected against external impacts.

Kraft Bubble Mailers Vs Shipping boxes

If you are planning on shipping small and flat items that don’t require extra cushioning protection then kraft bubble mailers are perfect for you. The best part about these mailers is that they are small and lightweight, unlike bulky boxes that need to be stored flat. These padded mailers will also make your shipping process more practical since you won’t need scissors and tape to seal like corrugated boxes.

Buy Kraft Bubble Mailer at wholesale prices

Another reason why you will end up loving these mailers is that they are great money-savers. Here at StarBoxes, they are more economical than shipping boxes but are also sold at bulk prices for your e-commerce business. Find shipping mailers in large quantities and all colors and sizes for your online business. Buying Kraft bubble mailers in bulk can be the cheapest way for you to ship out products. Consider us as your top choice when it comes to shipping products with high-quality material and saving money at the same time.


More Information
SKU KBM495145400
UPC 810106514819
Weight 28.800000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Size 9.5" x 14.5"
Color Brown
Material Wood Pulp / Polyethylene
Features / Information Tamper evident seal, Lightweight, Durable, #52lb Kraft Paper, Lined with Bubble, Cost-effective shipping, Various sizes and qty available
Mailer Type Kraft Bubble Mailer
Kraft Envelopes Wholesale 9.5" x 14.5" #4 - Pack of 400 for online shipping supplies
Strong gummed lip for securing envelope while the small bubble interior protects products
Assembled with 52# kraft paper and polyethylene small bubble cushioning
Envelope has a professional appearance for mailing important documents
Sides are heat sealed with fins to avoid paper cuts while packing the envelope
Product Length 14.500000
Product Width 9.500000
Product Height 0.000000
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