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Type of Mailer Bags

Mailer Bags are manufactured in different types and sizes to suit a diverse variety of items to be mailed. Regardless of the type, the mailer Bags wholesale have become popular with the manufacturers, shippers, distributors, and e-commerce ever since they were introduced to the market. The lightweight, tear and water resistance are the main characteristics of most mailers. The mailers are divided into two main categories of the Kraft Mailers and Poly Mailers with each category divided to their own subcategories.

  1. Poly Mailers

    1. Poly Mailer Bags- Made of polyethylene, the poly mailer bags are the most lightweight in their class while offering a tear and water resistant solution with easy self-sealing functionality. The poly mailer bags are great for shipping of soft goods, apparel, documents and similar items.

    2. Poly Bubble Mailers- These mailers are very similar to poly mailer bags but offer more resistance to damages through a layer of bubble cushioning in the interior of the bags. The adhesive self-seal creates an easy and quick seal while offering a durable and tamper evident solution. The poly bubble mailers are ideal when mailing pharmaceuticals, DVDs, CDs, small electronics, cellphones books, and jewelry.

    3. Metallic Glamour Mailers- These mailers are perhaps the strongest mailers for a safe and secure shipping with an emphasis on marketing. The glamour mailers are manufactured with a shiny metallic exterior in an impressive selection of colors. The peel and seal closure is self-adhesive for an easier closure while offering a durable temper evident shipping solution.

    4. Insulated Mailer Tote Bags- These heavy duty mailer tote bags are insulated thermal bags with a cushioned interior. The insulted thermal totes are great in keeping a consistent temperature during the transit. Food and pharmaceutical companies use the insulated mailer totes for shipping of the temperature sensitive items with or without the cool jell packs depending on the product being shipped.

Kraft Bubble Mailers- The featherweight Kraft bubble mailers is one of the most cost-effective shipping supplies that are approved by the USPS. The cushioning interior makes the Kraft bubble Mailers more protective while the lightweight feature reduces the cost of mailing. Kraft bubble mailers are manufactured from 52 lbs. Kraft paper with an interior layer of the 3/26” bubble peel. Like all our other mailers, the Kraft mailers offer self-adhesive, peel and seal for easy and quick closure.

Mailer bags Wholesale

Mailers come in a wide range of sizes and bulk quantities. To get the best prices for mailer bags wholesale buy maximum quantities available on our website.  They are easy to store with minimum storage requirements.  They store flat and can be used for shipping anything that will fit with the consideration of weight packaging requirements.  You will save on envelope costs as well as shipping costs.  In addition, there are no other packing supplies needed.  You can write the addresses on the envelope or adhere address labels.  No tape is necessary with the peel-N-stick flap. Mailer bags wholesale prices make these mailers a cheap shipping option compared to boxes, tape, and packing materials.  It is no wonder these wholesale envelopes have been the go-to shipping supply for online retailers, families, with children living in other states or offices needing to send interoffice packages.