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Why Register For An Account With Starboxes?

It may take an extra minute to set up a new account with Starboxes but if you are a regular customer there are many benefits to having an account versus the one-step checkout. The following will convince you the pros of setting up a long-term account.

Top 10 Reasons To Sign Up For An Account With Starboxes!

  1. All your addresses, payment methods, and past purchases can be found in your Starboxes account

  2. Loyal customers receive reward points on each purchase to spend as you wish

  3. Receive emails with monthly discounts on products

  4. Get notified of new products added to Starboxes selection

  5. Packaging specialists can quickly assist you in times when you cannot get to a computer

  6. When required all your invoices are readily available

  7. Easily track all orders inside your account

  8. Personal help desk tab

  9. Passwords are easy to reset

  10. Leave Reviews on Products

Now that we have listed the pros of having an account why not sign up today!