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CST0205520CL 2" x 55 yds. 1.9 Mil. 18 Clear $31.45 $30.19 $29.56 $27.99

MST5512W 1/2" x 60 yds. Masking 72 Brown $31.45 $30.19 $29.56 $27.99

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MST5536W 1-1/2" x 60 yds. Masking 24 Ivory $73.45 $70.51 $69.04 $65.37

MST5572W 3" x 60 yds. Masking 16 Brown $94.45 $90.67 $88.78 $84.06

RPT03500T006 3" x 500ft. Reinforced 6 Brown $104.48 $100.30 $96.12 $91.94

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17CST2110C 2" x 110 yds 1.7 Mil. 36 Clear $50.00 $47.50 $45.00 $42.50

17CST2055C 2" x 55 yds. 1.9 Mil. 36 Clear $45.00 $42.75 $40.50 $38.25

19CST3110T 3" x 110yds 1.9 Mil. 24 Tan $65.00 $62.40 $61.10 $57.85

19CST2055T 2" x 55yds 1.9 Mil. 36 Tan $45.00 $43.20 $42.30 $40.05

19CST2110C 2" x 110 yds. 1.9 Mil. 36 Clear $65.00 $61.75 $58.50 $55.25

19CST3110C 3" x 110yds 1.9 Mil. 24 Clear $65.00 $61.75 $58.50 $55.25

19TAPE12PACK3X110 3" x 110yds 1.9 Mil. 12 Clear $34.95 $34.95 $34.95 $34.95

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Hot Melt TapeHot Melt Tape
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Masking TapeMasking Tape
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Filament Tape
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Packing Tapes

Packing Tapes have come a long way since their invention by an engineer, Richard Drew who worked for 3M in the 1920s. The role that different types of Packing Tapes play in packaging, shipping, and many other industries is undeniable in today’s world. From auto painters to manufacturers the dependence on Packing Tapes has resulted in improvement of their quality and invention of diverse categories of the Packing Tapes. With the important role the Packing Tapes play in many industries they are very affordable for the variety of uses they offer. StarBoxes has made the purchasing of a wide variety of the Packing Tapes even more economical by offering the opportunity to purchase tapes in bulk and enjoy even lower prices on all types of tapes from Acrylic Carton Sealing Tapes to Masking Tapes and Duct Tapes.

Different Types of Packing Tapes

The Packing Tapes are designed for specific performance and knowing what kind of tape is best suited for the job is essential for the performance of the tapes. StarBoxes offers a vast selection of all the Bulk Packing Tapes any industry would need at the most competitive prices.

Acrylic Carton Sealing Tapes

Acrylic Carton Sealing Tapes play a significant part for packaging and shipping industries when using Shipping Boxes or other means of packaging for their shipments. Regardless of how sturdy the Corrugated Shipping Boxes are manufactured they are susceptible to opening and exposing the contents to damages if not sealed properly. Cutting corners and using the inferior quality Carton Sealing Tapes will defeat the purpose of using Packing Boxes or other containers and will eventually cost much more than the money saved. The Bulk Carton Sealing Tapes by StarBoxes offers the best of both worlds of great savings without disregarding the quality. Following is some of the characteristics of the Carton Sealing Tapes available for daily shipments by StarBoxes:

  • Easy to Use for Sealing Cartons
  • Acrylic Adhesive with Superb Clarity
  • Smooth Release
  • Grips Great to Corrugated Boxes
  • 2”, 3”, and 4” Wide Tapes in a Variety of Length
  • Thicknesses from 1.7 mil to 2.5 mil
  • Preserves the Clarity for a Long Period of Time Without Yellowing

Hot Melt Tapes

What makes the Hot Melt Tapes different and better than other similar tapes is their remarkable gripping power creating one of the toughest and resilient Packing Tapes on the market. The following is the example of the quality unique to Hot Melt Tapes that makes them head and shoulder above the typical Packing Tapes:

  • Outstanding Ability to Grip to Cardboard Boxes
  • Friendly Hot Melt Tapes are Free of Harmful Chemicals Like Trichloroethane, Toluene, and Methyl Ethyl Ketone
  • The Melted Adhesive Offers a Remarkable Bonding Ability When It’s Cooled
  • The Hot Melt Tapes by StarBoxes are Offers in Thicknesses of 1.6 mil to 3.99 mil
  • 2” and 3” Wide Melting Tapes are Available in 110 and 1,000 Yard Length

Masking Tapes

Masking Tapes are one of the most utilized tapes in many different industries as well as households. The Masking Tapes are manufactured with adhesive on one side with crepe paper backing. The adhesive side of the Masking Tapes easily sticks to almost any surface and stay resistant to moisture and moderate heat. StarBoxes quality Masking Tapes are perfect for bundling, labeling and, many other applications. The superior Masking Tapes are surprisingly economical and available at StarBoxes with even lower prices with our volume pricing when ordered in bulk. 

  • All-Purpose Masking Tapes for Non-Critical Usage
  • Removal of Making Tape is Easy and Clean
  • Masking Tapes Are Resilient Against Moderate Temperature, Oil, and Moisture
  • StarBoxes Offers Masking Tapes in ½” to 3” in Width and 60 Yards in Length

 Color-Coded Vinyl Tapes

The primary function of the Color-Coded Vinyl Tapes is to assist in creating an organized and most importantly safe work environment. The practicality of the Color-Coded Tapes is evident from the recommendations and regulations set by OSHA for their use. The rigidity of these Vinyl Colored Tapes makes them ideal to be used on heavily trafficked floors to comply with ISHA’s guidelines on workplace safety. The superior quality of the Vinyl Colored Tapes makes them resistant to moisture, sunlight, harsh chemicals, aging, mold, and mildew. Some of the applications and benefits of using Colored Vinyl Tapes include:

  • Use Vinyl Colored Tapes to Increase the Visibility of the Areas Associated with Danger
  • The Colored Tapes Decreases the Risk of Slip
  • Utilize the Colored Vinyl Tapes as a Warning and Directional Tool for Employees and Visitors
  • StarBoxes Offer Colored Tapes in Orange, White, Black, Green, Yellow, Red and, Blue
  • The Size Selection of the Colored Vinyl Tapes includes 2” and 3” wide tapes in 55, 110, and 1,000-yard length. All Colored Tapes are .2 mil thick

Water Activated Tapes

While the Pressure-Sensitive Tapes are commonly used for carton sealing and many other applications the Water Activated Tapes, WAT, offers an extra level of strength and resilience. The Water Activated Tape acts as a superb bonding agent sealing the cartons firmly with one application which results in less cost through the use of less Packing Tape. Some of the great features of the Water Activated Tapes include:

  • The Water Activated Tapes strongly bond to the cartons and cannot be peeled off. This feature makes the WAT Tapes tamper-resistant
  • All WAT Tapes offered by StarBoxes are Reinforced Water Activated Tapes with incorporating of polyethylene strings into the paper
  • The adhesive used in Water Activated Tapes is starch-based layered over paper backing, making the WAT Tapes offered by StarBoxes an eco-friendly product
  • StarBoxes offers Water Activated Tapes in 3” width and 500” length

Duct Tape

Duct Tape is perhaps the most widely used tape in everyday household repairs as well as the industrial applications.  The Duct Tape was originally invented and manufactured in green army color during WWII for use in the American military. The Duct Tape eventually made it to the commercial market after the war was over. The initial application of the Duct Tape was in the construction industry used on the air ducts of the A/C system. To match the new demand, the color of the Duct Tape was eventually changed to silver but in today’s market, the Duct Tapes are offered in a variety of colors.

Duct Tapes popularity is due to their versatility, super adhesiveness, water-resistance, and unparalleled resilience. The Construction of the Duct Tapes starts with the fabric which is woven to create the ruggedness. The fabric is known as scrim with a low-density polyethylene backing. The colors in Duct Tapes are achieved by mixing different pigments in the low-density polyethylene (LDP). The most common color is the greyish silver color which is obtained from mixing powdered aluminum with the LDP.  StarBoxes offer their quality Duct Tape in .6 mil thickness, 2” width and 60-yard length.

Filament Tape

Filament Tapes are some of the strongest tapes available on the market and are designed for many applications in need of extra assistance from tape. Use of the Filament Tapes are common on Shipping Boxes with heavier than normal contents as well as securing the loads on the pallets. The Filament Tapes are also called Strapping Tapes for their capability to adhere to almost any shape and surface and hold different items together. StarBoxes offers high-quality Filament Tapes in the most cost-friendly price structure. The followings are some of the benefits of using the Filament Tapes by StarBoxes:

  • Superb Mechanical Strength
  • Synthetic Adhesive Made from Raisin and Rubber
  • Great Ability to Resist Against Aging, Abrasion, Moisture, and Water
  • Ability to Adhere Instantly to Almost any Surface
  • StarBoxes Filament Tapes Are Offered in ½”, ¾”, 1” and 2” Width, 60-Yard Length and 3.9 mil thickness