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Hot Melt Tape

- Used for sealing boxes for shipping. Excellent clarity; retains its clarity over long periods of time without yellowing. Grips well to recycled corrugated. Acrylic adhesive with consistent smooth release.

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What is Hot Melt Tape: Function and Uses

Hot melt tapes are widely utilized in industrial manufacturing for daily medical, personal, and household items. You will find a lot of methods accessible for attaching different materials, but hot melt tapes provide a much better solution for some products. This is because of their weight reduction, labor savings, versatility, and flexibility.

Roughly 80 percent of the world requirement for adhesives comes from construction, nonwoven, and packaging industries. In construction, hot melt tapes are utilized for installation and manufacturing of laminated wood panels, wall panels, prefabricated beams, and general construction. It’s also used for installation of ceiling panels, carpeting, tile, flooring and wall coverings.

For consumer goods, hot melt tapes are utilized in the manufacturing of office supply, stationery, model, and hobby supplies. When we talk about packaging, this type of adhesive is employed in products such as stamps, labels, cigarettes, disposable products (hygiene products, paper products, diapers) envelopes, bags, corrugated boards, boxes, and cartons. In the medical industry, these are utilized in manufacturing those employed for masking applications, consumer applications, industrial applications, packaging, and surgery.

Importance of Hot Melt Tapes

In the United States, at least eighty percent of the adhesive request comes from the packaging sector. Corrugated boxes in the packaging sector are the biggest adhesive-consuming item within the industry.

You will find some issues with safety and environmental issued for solvent-based tapes. Solvents such as trichloroethane, methyl ethyl ketone, and toluene are volatile organic compounds. They are known to be subject to regulations as HAPs under the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. You see, they are believed of causing congenital disabilities, cancer and other complications in the nervous systems. For that reason, manufacturers have designed HAP-free content.

Luckily, hot melt tapes are often utilized in disposable products such as diapers. They are utilized to glue the various components of the diaper like the elastics and the pad. You see, they are made of a combination of tackifiers, oils, and resins. The adhesive is used to molten form, and once it cools, it offers the necessary bonding force to attach the materials.

If you walk down the aisle of your grocery store, you will notice thousands of cases, packages, and boxes which utilize hot melt technology. Any box you see which has a flap attached to one flap is made with hot melt adhesive application. Packages of cookies, chips, food bars, candies, muffins, and other snacks are often covered with hot melt glue.

Now, as you can notice, hot melt tape is utilized in various industries and with a massive application. You see, it is a technology which isn’t typically talked about but is seen in different goods you touch and use every day.

Where to Buy Hot Melt Tapes?

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