Air Pillows

Air Pillows: Optimal Cushioning for Sensitive Products

Over the past few years, companies have been using packing peanuts and wide wrap. Air pillows are now creating a buzz all over the market. Whether you are a new or established ecommerce owner, air pillows can support damage-free products and safe transit.

But what is an air pillow? Simply, an industrial air pillow is a bag that’s filled with air. It is sealed, easy to utilize, eco-friendly, and takes up a small space in a warehouse. As with wide wrap and packing peanuts, it serves as a tool to fill voids inside a package. It is also used to provide cushioning between the product and box. Unlike various packing materials in the industry, our air pillow is less expensive to fill larger spaces and much easier to ship. So, it can lead to a positive customer feedback and great savings from damage free products and returns.

Due to the affordability, cushioning, and protection, air pillow comes in a wide variety of options. While most products feel like ordinary plastic, our solutions are packed with recyclable materials accepted where they recycle plastic for grocery plastic type products used as wraps or grocery bags.

Materials that Air Pillows can Cushion

It cannot be denied that air pillows are a flexible packing material for businesses of all sizes. Ideal for a variety of shipping applications, air pillows are flexible. Made with non-abrasive components, our products are suitable for any delicate items, including ceramic and glass. Aside from the non-abrasive nature, air pillows can ensure optimal cushioning and fill voids in packages with lightweight or smooth stuff. When manufacturing and shipping products with sharp edges, our air pillows are not a good investment. It can be easily popped due to the thin film material and the pillow itself is air-filled. It also can’t handle objects with substantial weight. For a double protection, combine a wide wrap or a packing peanut with our air pillow.

Why are Air Pillows Used for Shipping?

Yes, many people know that industrial air pillows are not right for all shipping applications. But we cannot deny the fact that they are relatively versatile and work with a range of shipping requirements. Businesses love air pillows because they don’t add much weight to any shipments. As a result, the lightweight industrial air pillows can save on shipping expenses and other costs. If your packing materials almost take up the floor space in a shipping facility, air pillows can put an end to your problem. While delivering all your products on time, you can also save on other packaging expenditures. Another feature of our pillows is that they are convenient to use. They come in a variety of sizes, giving you the chance to make a good buying decision. Whether you need small or big-sized options, StarBoxes is the place for you to shop for all your shipping supplies and save money.

Do you need a packaging material that offers the right cushioning? Then, our air pillows, bubble rolls, and packing paper are a worth-it investment to avoid damages, returns, and negative reviews. For more information, please feel free to browse the list of our air pillows and other packing materials. You can also contact us to answer your questions and other concerns today.