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Poly Mailer Bags

100% FREE SHIPPING on all Poly Mailer orders over $40.00. Our Poly Mailers Ship from FL & CA with 1-3 Day Delivery for most of the USA. Poly Mailers are Self-sealing bags made at the lightest weight available to save enough postage while keeping your item secure. Tough, tear-proof polyethylene envelopes. Water-resistant protects delicate products. The extra smooth surface is perfect for writing or labeling.

Poly Bag Mailers 7.5 x 10.5"
#1 - 7.5 x 10.5"

Poly Bag Mailers 10 x 13"
#3 - 10 x 13"

Poly Bag Mailers 12 x 15.5"
#4 - 12 x 15.5"
Poly Bag Mailers 19 x 24"
#7 - 19 x 24"
Poly Bag Mailers 24 x 24"
#8 - 24" x 24"

Poly Mailers Bags Wholesale Prices For Businesses

Ever since the instruction of the poly mailers to the market, their use and popularity have been on the rise by manufacturers, distributors, and eCommerce. The poly mailer bags wholesale have become instrumental for the post office as well for the handling of their first class mail. The main reason for their use in such a large quantity is because of their affordability and the fact any size business can get poly mailers cheap. While the poly mailer bags are water and tear resistant they are also very lightweight, which help in reducing the shipping costs.

When ordering poly mailers, the following tips will help you to extend the saving as well as reducing the possible damages during the transit:

  • Quality Poly Mailers- Like any other packing materials, the quality of the poly mailers is the most important factor in reducing the risk of breakage of the bags and damages to the content. Wholesale poly mailers are cheap enough to allow you to spend a bit more to purchase better quality poly mailers from reputable companies.

  • Different Type of Poly Mailers- Analyze and choose the right mailer for the job between the poly mailers, poly bubble mailers, and even the Kraft bubble mailer.

  • Fulfillment- The ease of the sealing of these bags helps to speed up the packing and fulfillment process resulting in more savings when you use poly mailers or poly bubble mailers.

  • Moisture- Poly mailers are perfect when mailing items prone to moisture damages.

  • Versatility- Poly mailers are flexible which make them very versatile to pack different items with different shapes.

  • Mailbox Problems- Poly mailers easily fit in many mailboxes because of their flexibility. This is especially true for the mailboxes in the apartment buildings where this may become impossible if cardboard boxes are used.

  • Customizable- Poly Mailers could be customized to your needs and with the company logos. Minimums are required.

  • Weight and Costs- Poly mailers are very lightweight resulting in lowering the cost of mailing

  • Temper Evident Poly Mailers- The closure of poly mailers are designed as self-adhesive and make them a great tamper evident mailing tool.

  • Bulk Poly Mailers- Buying poly mailers in bulk will reduce the shipping costs even further.

  • Packing of Poly Mailers- Although the good poly mailers are tear resistant, they still require special care when packing. They go through processing machines in USPS facilities and there is a good chance for a poorly packed poly mailer to get stuck and tear the package.

  • Size of Poly Mailer- Choose the right size poly mailers for each item. If the bags are too big for the contents, there is an increased risk of damages. Use fillers like crumbled papers or even packing peanuts to fill the void in any poly mailer bag.