Water Activated Tape

water activatied Tape

Water Activated Tape

Used for sealing boxes for shipping with extra strength.

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The Significance of Water Activated Tapes

Packaging tapes come in various forms and trying to determine the proper tape for the job could be a complicated and time-consuming matter. Most people are more likely to find an appropriate solution only after a devastating and costly learning curve when the material has failed to accomplish its desired role.

If you are one of those newbie business persons who regularly ship products to your customers, you know the significance of packaging tape. You would end up having sleepless nights thinking whether your items will reach its destination safe and undamaged. That’s why they must be packed properly, and a water activated tape ensures that they are.

What is Water Activated Tape?

In case you didn’t know yet, this is a tape made from the starch-based adhesive and colored paper. Most of the time, it is composed of paper. However, to achieve more stretch, it is made of manifold layers of paper with polyethylene strings. By using this tape, any items will be difficult to open, as the eco-friendly adhesive tape penetrates the carton and establishes a strong union along with the carton.

The amusing thing about packing is that you always consider the packing foams, bubble cushion, and boxes, which we would require for packaging. However, what we often forget is the quality of the tape that would hold the whole package together.

You might have selected a strong box, but if you fail to employ a good adhesive, the whole box could fall apart at any given time. Water activated tapes also known as paper tapes are robust and very reliable. Wherever you plan to ship your products, these tapes will guarantee that they stick well so that your items are all in place.

If you are packing and shipping your goods on your own, you need to ensure you pack them in a fitted box. You see, loose cartons could become a nightmare, as they will never keep your goods in place. What’s more, too much movement could cause harm to your shipping goods.

You also need to take in mind that good cushioning is also needed, as they prevent the items from damage and scratch. That could be done with foam packaging. Generally, it is a plastic with air blown within. The benefit of using foam is that it’s light and thus doesn’t add added weight to your already heavy goods.

Normally, your expense is proportional to the weight of your items, so in the end, you save up on some cash as well.

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