Tall Boxes

Tall Boxes 

 Tall Corrugated Boxes

  - Hundreds of Sizes Available!
  - Cartons are sold in bundle quantities
  - Shiped flat to save on storage space and shipping.
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Tall Boxes

There are hundreds of box sizes available. The boxes are shipped flat to save on shipping and storage space. Cartons are offered in bundle quantities and can be used for different packaging products. The reusability and recyclability of these boxes make them a suitable packaging material.  Tall corrugated boxes are a cost-effective alternative to those who need a storage option for their personal belongings.

The tall boxes are made up of corrugated board that consists of a fluted sheet glued to several liners. The flutes serve as the heart of the box and act as a cushion for the item, protecting it from vibration, mechanical shocks or jerks. As such, these boxes are extremely useful for fragile packaging objects like lamps, electronic gadgets, and art objects. The combination of cushioning quality and rigidity makes the boxes strong enough to withstand impact during movement and transportation.

These tall boxes are also lightweight, making them easy to move and handle while loading, unloading or packing. They also have better graphic and printing capabilities as they can support various printing options like screen and digital printing, so these boxes can be used as a tool for brand promotion and marketing. You can print tape with promotional details like your product information, logo or contact address on the shipping boxes to make them more visible for your target customers.

Tall corrugated boxes are also eco-friendly as they can be reused and recycled. These shipping boxes are a better alternative to other packaging materials like plastic blister packs. Since these boxes have a smooth surface, you can stick label stickers on them. This can be good branding for the packaging and make it easier for the packaging company to label the boxes. Since the boxes are made with durable materials, it can be used for a considerable amount of time. As long as the box is out there, it will give you a good marketing strategy. You can print your website address, company name or phone number on the packaging label.  

These boxes are also perfect for those who are moving out and need to transport their items to their new place. With these boxes, they can make sure that their personal belongings will be delivered in one piece. The boxes have several layers of cardboard, allowing them to pack their items in a more compact manner to prevent excessive movement during transport. The layers resist jerks and shocks during transport as it provides cushion protection to the items. The final outer layer of the boxes is the fluting medium that makes the box durable. It can withstand pressure and transport vibrations.

These tall boxes are affordable as the raw material required to make them is readily available and cheap. As such, they are a cost-effective solution for shipping and packaging. These boxes are also available throughout the year, so you can buy one anytime. Change of environment and weather won’t have an effect on these boxes, and they won’t be out of stock. This is particularly important for businesses that are using the boxes for business purposes.