Packing Box Bundles

Corrugated Moving Boxes

Corrugated Moving Boxes are the essential part of any move and the quality of our corrugated boxes along with the discounted wholesale prices make them the most ideal and affordable moving tool.  The moving boxes are sold in bundles per size of the moving boxes, specialty moving boxes, and moving box kits.   Buying boxes the same size will maximize your truck or cargo space by stacking boxes on top of each other making more room with organized same size boxes. Shop and compare products to find the best solution for your move.

Moving Kits, Specialty Boxes and Bundled Moving Boxes

Moving kits, specialty boxes, and bundled boxes are among the many choices of moving supplies you will find at Starboxes.  The first bundle offers sets of small, medium, large or extra-large moving boxes.  The specialty boxes are made of bundles of corrugated boxes that are specifically designed to pack certain objects such as Flat Screen TV boxes, Wardrobe Boxes or Picture and Mirror Boxes.  The moving kits are sets of a predetermined number of packing boxes along with a selection of related packing supplies.  The moving box kits could be customized by simply adding extra corrugated boxes, specialty boxes or packing supplies to cover your moving needs.

Large Moving Boxes

Even though the extra large discount moving boxes offer plenty of room to pack many household items keep in mind the movers that have to lift and carry these bigger boxes.  Save the large moving boxes for packing the bulky items that are not too heavy or pack one small heavy item with larger light-weight pieces surrounding the heavier item.  From comforters to pillows and from dresses to shoes and purses the extra large boxes are perfect for packing most contents of any bedroom.

Packaging Supplies

No matter how sturdy the corrugated moving boxes are, they cannot deliver their contents undamaged without the help of packaging supplies.  Packing of a flat TV monitor in a flat screen TV box without the use of some protective, cushioning bubble roll, increases the risk of breakage during the move.  Same principals also apply to any fragile items as well as any object that is not boxed.  Moving blankets and furniture pads could be used to protect such items like appliances, ceramics, sculptures, and antiques.  For packing the fragile items in the kitchen there are foam wrap sheets and foam pouches for plates and other dishes or glass divider kits for protection of stemware and glasses.  When packing china and vintage items be sure to take the proper steps to pack your fragile items.