Reclosable Bags

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ZIP30321000C 3" x 3" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $8.08 $4.85 $4.04 $3.23

ZIP30421000C 3" x 4" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $15.67 $11.75 $10.97 $7.84

ZIP30521000C 3" x 5" 1000 Zip Bags Recloseable $16.95 $16.95 $16.95 $16.95

ZIP40421000C 4" x 4" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $18.59 $18.59 $18.59 $18.59

ZIP40621000C 4" x 6" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $10.55 $6.33 $5.28 $4.22

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ZIP40821000C 4" x 8" 1000 Reclosable Zip Bag $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95

ZIP50521000C 5" x 5" 1000 Zip Bag Reclosable $21.93 $16.45 $21.93 $21.93

ZIP50821000C 5" x 8" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $12.14 $12.14 $12.14 $12.14

ZIP60621000C 6" x 6" 1000 Zip Bags Recloseable $13.86 $13.86 $13.86 $13.86

ZIP60821000C 6" x 8" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $19.13 $19.13 $19.13 $19.13

ZIP60921000C 6" x 9" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $16.64 $9.98 $8.32 $6.66

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ZIP70921000C 7" x 9" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $22.19 $22.19 $22.19 $22.19

ZIP81021000C 8" x 10" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $24.87 $24.87 $24.87 $24.87

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ZIP91221000C 9" x 12" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $67.50 $67.50 $67.50 $67.50

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ZIP101221000 10" x 12" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $53.28 $53.28 $53.28 $53.28

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ZIP121521000 12" x 15" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $99.00 $99.00 $99.00 $99.00

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ZIP131521000 13" x 15" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $69.95 $69.95 $69.95 $69.95

ZIP13181000 13" x 18" 1000 2 Mil. Zip Bags Reclosable $74.95 $74.95 $74.95 $74.95

ZIP30341000C 3" x 3" 1000 Zip Bags Reclosable $16.50 $16.50 $16.50 $16.50

ZIP50841000C 5" x 8" 1000 4 Mil. Zip Bags Reclosable $19.17 $12.46 $11.50 $9.58

Out of stock
ZIP60941000C 6" x 9" 1000 4 Mil. Zip Bags Reclosable $27.75 $18.04 $16.65 $13.88

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ZIP81041000C 8" x 10" 1000 4 Mil. Zip Bags Reclosable $41.39 $41.39 $41.39 $41.39

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ZIP12154500C 12" x 15" 500 4 Mil. Zip Bags Reclosable $112.50 $112.50 $112.50 $112.50

Out of stock
ZIP13184500C 13" x 18" 500 4 Mil Zip Bags Reclosable $52.24 $52.24 $52.24 $52.24

Wholesale Reclosable Bags: Giving You Satisfaction in Your Packing Needs

Your packing process wouldn’t be complete without Reclosable Bags. These sealable bags provide you with an easy way of keeping your items safe and secure.  Business owners and homeowners want to buy the best packing equipment to make the packing process easy. They can have it and more in using these bags.

Businesses can be sure to gain comfort in doing their packaging activities. The Reclosable concept in each bag makes it easy for you to pack your items. There’s a sure way for you to keep your items secure at all times. It also makes delivery and transportation a success.

High Quality

The Reclosable Bags reflects good quality when it comes to packing items. You have an easy and fast process of keeping each item safe. Are you worried about items falling out of the bag? You shouldn’t be. The bags assure you of keeping your shipped items secure.

Any buyer wouldn’t face the hassle of keeping their belongings safe during delivery or transportation. So, buying it would give you the comfort you need to keep the items in the plastic pouch.

Easy to Open

The Reclosable bags provide comfort to consumers due to its easy to open the recloseable bags. You can open it with ease at all times. The opening of the bags is smooth that each customer doesn’t have any trouble using it.

For example, you can put small and delicate items in the bag without trouble. All you need to do is open the bag and put the items inside. The durable quality of the bags makes it effective for longer use. You have assurance you would like its handy feature.

Durable Product

Customers would also be sure of the durability of the product.  Yes, these bags are not only quality products but also come with a thickness that makes it durable in either 2mil or 4mil. You can gain satisfaction in making the packing process a success.

It’s simple. You put the items in the bag and if shipping put it inside the box with packing materials such as peanuts or newsprint. The durable plastic assures that the item would be safe and secure upon closing the bag. Clients also can expect great result in using these bags for their packing and packaging needs.

You can gain a durability feature when using the Reclosable bags. The items would be safe from falling out and can help to prevent weather conditions from getting inside. The closing seal and poly materials make sure the items would be in good condition.

Reclosable Bag Types

There are many types of Reclosable bags you can choose from. Here are the following types of bags that fit your needs:

Conventional Bags

These bags suit product and food packaging. Users have an assurance of comfort of good quality and should choose 2mil or 4mil depending on the product you are packing. For heavier items choose the 4mil weight.

White Block Bags

You don’t have a problem in labeling these types of bags. You can label it with a pen and a marker. So, if you want to pack items and write contents or dates on the bag this is the product you need.

Bags with Hang Holes

Consumers have an excellent way of hanging their items. You will find it convenient using a punch hole and using it at home or the office to organize your packed goods. 

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