Reclosable Bags 2 Mil 5" x 8" - 1000 Case

  • Reclosable Clear Poly Bags 2 Mil 5" x 8" - 1000 Bulk Pack
  • Poly-bags generated with a conventional zip track for a secure closure
  • Resealable bags with a diverse range of applications from the craft industries to auto
  • Clear polyethylene bags are measured by the internal usable dimensions
  • Quality bags that are flexible packaging for the transport of a variety of products

Reclosable Bags For Business Packaging

Reclosable bags have become a popular plastic bag that can be used for almost any type of business packaging and home applications.  This type of packaging material can be an excellent alternative for keeping your products free from damage and clean. Reclosable bags can be used in a variety of businesses like commercial or industrial applications.  They can be mainly used for shipping and organizing products in your warehouse.  These sealed bags are ideal for keeping your products fresh inside and keeping out contaminants like dirt, moisture, or dust.

Reclosable Bags Designed With Secure Locking Closure

StarBoxes reclosable bags are designed with a secure locking closure to ensure the safety of your products. The plastic bags can be used for multiple packaging applications in your warehouse.  You can use them for keeping small products together and help prevent loss during storage or shipment. Another advantage of reclosable bags is that they can be used for storing almost any type of product. Warehouse goods can be repackaged to stay clean and protected prior to shipment. There are many items that can be prepacked and barcoded attached such as textiles, documents, parts, electronic accessories, and toys.

Use Zip Top Bags For Storage Or Display

These clear zip-top bags provide high visibility allowing you to easily identify your products during storage or inspection. Compared to other plastic bags, you can reseal them as needed for organizing or repackaging purposes in your warehouse.  The zip-top bags can be easily labeled to quickly locate products for shipment or inventory purposes.  

You can use these bags for displaying your products and keep them protected at the same time.  StarBoxes reclosable bags are an affordable alternative for organizing, displaying,  packaging, shipping out, or storing your valuable products at your warehouse. You may wonder how these reclosable bags work? They are really easy to seal and open by just squeezing or pulling the top apart, that which you can use the zip top to reseal.

Zip-Top Bag Come In Different Sizes

  These bags come in different sizes and Mils for you to choose from according to your business requirements.  Using zip-top bags can be really easy for multiple applications at your office, home, school, or warehouse. Choosing zip-top bags can help your business save money on product loss or damage during long-distance shipment or storage.  Using these reclosable bags can be an effective and economical alternative for you to improve the safety of your products.

More Information
SKU ZIP50821000C
UPC 810042158276
Weight 7.500000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Size 5" x 8"
Color Clear
Type Zip Bags
Style Reclosable
Material Polyethylene
Features / Information Slide Seal, Zipper Seal, Resealable, Polyethylene Material, Useful for storage, Organize Craft and Parts
Mailer Type Zip Bags
UOFFICE sliding zipper bags are ideal for protecting and securing items in a clear plastic bag
Zip top bags keep goods protected from dust and other unwanted elements for business or residential use
Sliding zipper bags are easy to you with two fingers to apply pressure slide and and seal
The clear bags may be used in retail settings to protect products while providing clear view of packed items
Find the right wholesale zip top bags at UOFFICE with varying lengths, widths, mils, and white block choices
Product Length 8.000000
Product Width 5.000000
Product Height 0.000000
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