Product FAQ's

Product FAQ Starboxes

What is the difference between a kraft and poly bubble mailer?

Both options are great, lightweight, self-sealing, bubble lined mailers to cost effectively and safely deliver a range of products to your customers. Kraft bubble mailers are a 52# gold kraft paper whereas poly bubble mailers are made of polyethylene (plastic) offering water and tear resistance. Both are great options for your shipping needs.

Can you write directly on your mailers?

Our kraft bubble mailers are paper so will accept most writing instruments. The poly mailers and poly bubble mailers are plastic and accept ink and permanent marker. All mailers are smooth and adhere to labels.

How are your envelopes measured?

The size of the envelope is typically the outer dimension and sizes may vary +/-  ¼ inch.

How do I choose the right size mailer for my products?

We recommend adding ½ inch to the width and depth and 2 inches to the length of your product to find the right size mailer.

Do you sell single boxes?

We do not sell single boxes. The minimum order quantity will be displayed on each item line.

What is the difference between regular corrugated boxes and heavy-duty boxes?

All our corrugated boxes are industry standard ECT 32, meaning they are strong and sturdy but only offer a single wall of corrugated cardboard. Our heavy-duty boxes are double wall corrugated so offer additional strength 44 ECT for heavier items.

I need a specific sized box; do you carry that?

We have hundreds of boxes of all sizes. You can shop by size, shape, and strength by visiting StarBoxes Boxes.

How do I get a quote for large or custom orders?

Are you looking for a specialty product or private labelling? Perhaps you need to order boxes or mailers by the pallet? For any large or custom orders please email your name, company, contact details and request to [email protected] or fill out the form on the side of the screen.

What is the difference between small, medium, and large bubble roll?

Bubble roll sizes are based on the size of the individual bubbles. This is important in providing adequate protective support in packing and transit. Small bubble roll is perfect for packing and shipping fragile and delicate items like jewelry, trinkets, and porcelain dishes. Medium bubble roll is best suited for shock absorption and protecting items from scratches like TVs, mirrors, and artwork.  Large bubble roll is mostly used for filling voids in moving boxes and containers to avoid items from shifting during transport.

What is anti-static bubble roll used for?

Anti-static bubble roll is used to avoid static electricity for shipping electronic components and devices.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes! With STAR Rewards you earn a free $5.00 when you register and 5 Star Rewards for each $1.00 spent. For more information please visit StarBoxes Reward Points