3/16" Small Bubble

- Economy - Light Duty Bubble Cushioning Wrap
- 3/16" Tall  (approx. 3/8" wide)
- Perforated every 12" easy to tear
- 100% Recyclable
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10 Different Uses for Bubble Cushioning Wrap

The invention of the bubble cushioning wrap took place in 1957 and interesting enough, the intention of the inventors was not a protection tool for packing. With the popularity of the wallpaper at the time, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes had an idea to create a three-dimensional design for wallpapers. They started with sealing two shower curtains together creating air pockets. While the idea never caught up instead the bubble rolls were born.

Throughout the years the bubble cushioning wrap has evolved to offer different bubble sizes and colors for customization for specific needs. Bubble Rolls also have become a must-have packing item for manufacturers, movers as well as the ordinary people when packing or shipping any item of any size. It didn’t take long for the clever people to find other great and at times weird use for the bubble wrap. The following is an example of the different uses for bubble rolls courtesy of the people who resist the temptation of popping them only!

Using Bubble Cushioning Wrap in Camping

Throw a layer of the bubble rolls on the ground and under the sleeping bag to insulate from the cold. You can also cover and tape the top of the tents to keep the cold away.

Bubble Cushioning Wrap in the Refrigerator

The produce bins are bulky and difficult to take out to clean. Covering the drawers with bubble cushioning wrap will keep produce from bruising while making the cleaning as easy as taking the dirty ones out and replacing them with another clean layer of the bubble cushion roll

Save Shoes and handbags by Stuffing Bubble Cushioning Wraps

Before storing shoes or handbags away, make balls of the bubble rolls and stuff the inside of them. This will help them from the damages due to the collapsing and wrinkles which will eventually cause permanent wrinkles.

Make Coat Hangers Slip Proof

Covering coat hangers with bubble rolls not only will make them slip-proof but also offers a better solution when it comes to hanging coats and jackets. The padded coat hangers made by bubble rolls help to protect them from wrinkles and fabric damages associated with the use of skinny coat hangers

Bubble Cushioning Wraps and Windows Insulation

Folks up north are very familiar with the cold coming through the drafty glass windows, which sometimes creates a layer of ice inside the windows. Covering the interior of these windows during the winter offers a great energy saving insulation without blocking the light.

Protect the Car’s Windshield in the Winter

Talking about winter, scraping ice from the windshield is one task that most people can do without. Simply cover the windshield with a layer of the bubble rolls and secure them with the windshield wipers on top.

Protect plants from Cold and Insects

Covering your plants loosely will keep them warm while letting adequate light through the transparent bubble rolls. The plant holders and pots could be protected during the cold months either by covering the outside surface with the bubble rolls or simply tape a layer of the bubble cushioning wrap inside the pot and put the plant and the dirt inside.

Use Bubble Cushioning Wrap to Winterize Pipes

Frozen and busted pipes during the winter is a nightmare that no one wants to experience. You can insolate all exposed pipes by simply wrapping a layer of the bubble roll to completely cover the pipe and protect them from freezing.

Make Insolated Grocery Bags with Bubble Rolls

Cover the inside of any grocery bag with a layer of bubble cushioning wrap to create an insulated shopping bag. The bag will be great in protecting the ice cream from melting or that delicate seafood getting spoiled.

Keep The Food Cold or Hot with Bubble Rolls

Traveling a distance for the holidays or potluck dinner functions with food in the car could pose the risk of spoilage of hot or cold food or wilt of your salads. Cover all food containers with a layer of the bubble cushioning wrap and tape the ends to keep the cold food cold and hot food hot when you arrive at your destination.