Small Bubble 4200' x 12" Wide 3/16" Wrap

  • Prevent damages in transit by protecting your items with the small bubble roll.
  • The Small Bubble is 4200' x 12" Wide 3/16" .
  • We make perforated bubble roll every 12" for ease of use. No cutting tools are required.
  • Great packing material to save money on shipping and your goods will have good protection.
  • Durable enough to be used for dedicated goods that need to be protected during transit or storage 
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Ways To Use Small Bubble Cushion Wrap For Your Packages

Bubble cushion wrap is one of the most popular packaging material that is commonly used to secure products during transportation. Bubble rolls consist of lightweight plastic with cushioning bubbles that can be used for wrapping and protecting objects in many ways. You may think that the correct way to use bubble roll wrap is by simply wrapping the items. Find out here if the bubble should be out or in and other tips on how to wrap your products with bubble cushioning wrap.

Starboxes small bubble cushion wrap has a side of air-filled bubbles and a flat side. You may wonder which is the correct side to wrap your items for better protection. We always recommend that the bubbles should go inside since they provide cushioning directly to your items and they also keep the air-filled bubble safe.  Bubble cushion wrap works as a protective layer against bumps and impacts during transit you will need to keep the cushioning bubbles intact. 

If you are planning on shipping out products in a corrugated box, then you will need to wrap your individual items with small bubble cushion wrap before placing them into a shipping box. This will provide excellent protection for your shipping items from any type of external impact.  To ensure better protection of your wrapping items you will need to use packaging tape to keep your item seal inside and avoid your products from slipping out during transportation.

Another method that can be used is when you are shipping out packages with several products inside. You can use it as void fillers inside the shipping boxes that keep your products, cushion inside, and can help prevent your products from moving around during transportation.

How To Small Bubble Cushion To Wrap Your Products

  • Wrap your product on a flat surface. Please note that the bubble should be inside
  • Layout your bubble cushion wrap with the air-filled bubbles facing up
  • Place your product on the bubble cushion wrap
  • Wrap the items with the bubble sheets multiple times as needed
  • For better protection of your wrapped item place packaging tape on the flat edges of the object.
More Information
SKU BUBSM0124200
UPC 810106512228
Weight 60.000000
Size 4200' x 12"
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear
Small Bubble Roll size 4200' X 12", Wide 3/16" Wrap (12 Rolls of 350' X 12"). Manufacture in the United States
Provides effective protection to your most valuable items during shipment or storage. Is an easy and quick way to wrap your belongings at a low cost
Made of polyethylene material that helps reduce the chance of damaged items that are caused by any external impact or accidents during shipping
Wrap your most fragile and sensitive items like ceramics, artwork, paintings, TV’s, electronic devices, chinaware, etc. Made of transparent plastic material that makes it easy to identify wrapped contents
Fabricated with durable and elastic plastic material that is easy to handle and reuse for many business or household tasks. Ideal for storing, shipping packages, moving out, home remodeling, artwork and household activities
Features / Information Lightweight, Transparent, Perforated, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective and Reusable, Easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 4200.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.187500
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