Bubble Roll Size Use

Choosing the Right Size Bubble Roll Wraps

Choosing the right size Bubble Roll Wrap is important for efficiency in packing and shipping of fragile items. Bubble Rolls will reduce the risk of breakage during transit as well as the need for replacement of the damaged items. The safe delivery of products will also cut back on the customer complaints and product returns or losses. In general, the use of the wrong type of bubble rolls may result in damaged product delivery, loss of money, and unsatisfied customers. The reults of choosing the wrong type of bubble rolls may increase customer service, returns or unfavorable reviews with damaged products.

Right Bubble Roll Wrap for Shipping 

Bubble Cushion Rolls are offered in different widths and lengths but our focus in this article is the size of the protective air-cushions or bubbles when packing or shipping goods.

Small Bubble Rolls – StarBoxes carries small bubble cushion 1/16" tall and 3/8" wide. The widths are  12", 24" and 48" while the lengths vary from 175' to  2800' packs of small bubble rolls. Small bubble rolls should be used for smaller items such as knick-knacks or dishes.

Medium Bubble Rolls Wrap – The Medium Bubble Rolls by StarBoxes offer 5/16” bubble sizes at 12”, 24” and 48” widths and different lengths. The cushioning bubbles in Medium Bubble Rolls are slightly larger than the small rolls offering more protection. Use for medium sized items such as larger dishes, home decor, or decorative mirrors and paintings.

Large Bubble Rolls – The Large Bubble Rolls by StarBoxes are manufactured with 1/2” cushioning air-bubbles offering the ultimate protection for the content of packages. The best method to examine the security of a package when using any size bubble roll wraps is to gently shake the package to observe if the contents are shifting. The Medium and Large Bubble Rolls Wrap offer superior protection and are the most commonly used bubble rolls due to their ability to better protect against drops. The larger air-bubbles present much better protection against the impact of most accidental drops. Large bubble is best used for flat screened TV's, large mirrors or home decorating accessories. Great for gardens and protecting fragile plants and greenhouse from cold spells.

Kraft-Backed Bubble Rolls – StarBoxes Kraft-Backed Bubble Rolls are a perfect solution in protecting larger items such as furniture and antiques. The 3/16” air-bubble cushioning adhered to #40 Kraft papers creating durable padding. The moisture resistance feature of the Kraft-Backed Bubble Rolls is another advantage of using the rolls to protect furniture. The Kraft_Baked Bubble Rolls can also be utilized like other bubble rolls as a void-fill when packing items in the shipping boxes.

Colored Bubble Cushioning Wraps -  The Colored Bubble Cushioning Rolls by StarBoxes offer the same protective versatility as the small regular bubble rolls in 3 distinct colors, red, blue, and green. The Colored Cushioning Wraps are great when used for brand recognition or holidays based packaging themes. Some businesses prefer using one of the specific colors in the Colored Cushioning Bubble Rolls to match the color of their logo for all their packaging. Regardless of the reasoning, the Colored Bubble Rolls are a fantastic and cost-effective packing tool to protect products while making a statement about your company.

Anti-Static Bubble Cushion Wrap - The Small Anti-Static Bubble Rolls by StarBoxes are offered in 12” width and various lengths from 175' to 700'. The bubble size is 3/16” wide and provides protetion against electorstatic discharge that could ruin electronics. Anti-Static Small Bubble Roll Wraps are perfect for wrapping and protecting electronics, mobile phones, tablets, and other small size gadgets and is a preferred packing supply by manufacturers and shippers.

  • All Bubble Rolls are perforated every 12"
  • When wrapping an item the bubble side should lay face up
  • When winterizing windows the bubbles should face the window. The larger the bubbles the more protection.
  • Tape the ends closed when wrapping items for more secure packaging