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Bubble Cushion Wrap vs. Packing Peanuts: Which is Better?

For a business owner, they have goods that need to be adequately cushioned when packing them for shipping. These are items, which are fragile or breakable. Bubble roll wrap and packing peanuts are two very sought-after materials for safeguarding the content of articles, which are kept in boxes. However, is there an ending discussion on which is the best for offering packing protection?

What is a Bubble Cushion Wrap?

In case you didn’t know yet, a bubble cushion wrap is a pliable and transparent plastic material with regular spaced bubbled occupied with air. It's sold in rolls or perforated sheets. The bubble, which offers the cushioning, come in various sizes to house the different sizes of items, which need protection. Multiple layers of the bubble cushion wrap might be needed to offer sufficient protection of items in most cases.

A few versions have anti-static abilities to distribute static charges, which could cause concerns for some delicate electrical items and components. Anti-static bubble rolls are generally pink in color.

What are Packing Peanuts?

On the other hand, packing peanuts are a type of loose fill material that is made of Styrofoam. Their name was derived from its small shape and size that looks similar to a peanut. You will find different types of packing peanuts. Several are made of cornstarch, and they will melt in water. You see, that makes them a sought-after option for biodegradable reasons.

Some versions have special characteristics that are based on the color of the peanut. In case you didn’t know yet, pink is anti-static, white is 79% or virgin resin, and green is 70% or much-recycled polystyrene.

Special Characteristics

Considering the great use for bubble cushion wrap, delicate is the keyword here. When a product is delicate, bubble rolls works perfect, as it could be folded around the product for safety. Often, various wraps around an item will be required. Perforated bubble rolls are the perfect choice for shipping statues, vases, dishes and other breakable items that could be damaged throughout the transit.

Normally, packing peanuts works best to fill the spaces in shipping boxes. Their soft nature and shape enable them to take on the different shapes needed to fill paces well. The contents can move within the container slightly because they offer loose fill packaging.

In the end, the use of bubble cushion wrap and packing peanuts isn’t an equation. They must be utilized together for great results. Make sure that you wrap all of your fragile items in bubble rolls before placing them into your shipping boxes. Then, after they are in the boxes, fill the voids inside the boxes with packing peanuts to lower the movement. This method will ensure that your goods are as protected within transport.

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