Storage Boxes & Kits

We offer a full line of moving supplies, including packing tape, stretch wrap, bubble rolls, packing paper, bubble bags, and other packing supplies.

Use these kits below for Moving, Storage, and Packaging.
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  1. Stackable crates for storage
    Use to maximize your space
    Hand-held zip-tie closure
    100% recyclable plastic
    As low as $43.31

  2. Stackable crates for storage
    Use to maximize your space
    100% recyclable plastic
    Handle up to 100lbs
    As low as $42.50

  3. Container Volume 6.7 cu.ft. max hold 220 lbs
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $120.75 Regular Price $157.50

  4. 1/2 pallet plastic crate 39.4" x 22.6" x 21.3"
    1 Textile Pad 54" X 72"
    Small Roll of Bubble 12" x 50
    1 Roll of 1.7 mil - 2" x 110" Tape

  5. 10 Moving Boxes and Supplies

  6. 14 Moving Boxes and Supplies

  7. 24 Moving Boxes and Supplies

  8. 18 Moving Boxes and Supplies

  9. 42 Moving Boxes and Supplies

  10. 18 Storage Boxes and Supplies

Cheap Moving Box Kits

Cheap moving box kits are a money saving alternative to buying moving boxes and packing supplies individually.  Each box kit is designed by our moving experts to pack a certain number of rooms in a household.  This predetermined number of packing boxes eliminates the risks of not having enough moving boxes or falling short when it comes to packing all rooms.

The moving box kits also contain packing supplies, which their type and quantity are calculated based on the number of moving boxes in the kit.  Most box kits contain packing paper, packing tape, bubble rolls wrap and a marker/s.  Although we have tried to design the cheap moving box kits as accurate as possible the contents of households are not always exactly the same, some moving kits might require additional boxes or other moving supplies.

Design Your Moving Kit

To create the ultimate moving box kits you could either start from the scratch and build your own moving boxes and packing supplies kit or just add boxes and supplies to an existing moving kit.  Sometimes adding couple more specialty boxes or larger boxes to our existing kit will satisfy all your moving needs.  In a household with more closets, for instance, you could simply add few more wardrobe boxes in order to pack all the clothes and other closet items.  On the other hands in a house with a library or home office adding small or medium moving book boxes will help in packing all the books and office supplies.

Organize Your Moving

Either way, the moving box kits are a great starting point to organize your moving venture and is your moving partner to help to get the stress out of any move.  If you are not sure which kit will suit your needs just call our top-rated customer service department and speak to one of our moving specialists.  Organize your move by writing a plan with a timetable to accomplish each task, then call Esosmartboxes and we will deliver your moving supplies to your doorsteps from one of our distribution centers near you.