Anti-Static Peanuts

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Interesting Facts about Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts also are known as foam peanuts are typically made of polystyrene foam. This is a type of thermoplastic. You see, these are lightweight and offer the ability to cushion the shock. If you want to compress packing peanuts utilizing your finger, you’ll see a dent. That exhibits their shock absorbing abilities. And because of their small size, they could fill up spaces easily in your shipping boxes. That will help to avoid unnecessary movement of your goods while in transit.

Introducing Anti-Static Peanuts

Anti-static peanuts are a specific type of packing peanuts that are used for safeguarding electronics. Did you know that the natural enemy of electronic devices is static electricity? You see, static electricity is because of the disproportion of charges on the surface of a material and is unavoidable.

Are you one of those people who encountered being static shocked by someone else? Even though that amount of electricity might appear very small, it’s actually enough to ruin your electrical components. The good thing about this is that anti-static foams work through pushing the metallic parts of the components into the foam. That foam is made of a conductive material that will execute away the static electricity present.

Bear in mind that electronic gadgets in a form, like a tiny microchip, which might go into making a TV set need more specialized packaging compared to normally shipped items. Electronic parts before they’re put together to make an item only look like small bits of lightweight metal and plastic. They must be packaged to a high-quality looking foam packing.

Nonetheless, they are packed like that for a reason, as that is an anti-static peanut. Static in your home setting might give you a bit static shock when you touch something metal. Even though it will make you jump, it will not hurt you.

That case isn’t the same with electronic components. That’s because when they receive a static shock, it could damage them. The concern is it's like rust in a new vehicle. It seems good on the outside, but it might take 20 months for the rust to show.

Thus, your electronic parts must have a specialized, anti-static foam while in transit. Having these materials will hold them throughout transportation and right up until they are utilized in manufacturing the end product.

Often, packing peanuts along with bubble cushion wrap work excellent together. That’s particularly the case for small items and those, which are fragile. You can utilize the bubble cushion wrap to cover around the delicate electronic items and then put in a box. Then you can fill the spaces in the box with anti-static peanuts.

To sum up, anti-static packing peanuts could be a bit of an irritation in that they’re messy and complicated to clean up. Still, they offer great help when it comes to shipping electronics.

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