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SKU Size Style GA. (ROLLS/ CASE) Price Tier Pricing Add to Cart
4 8 16 24 2 6
STRCEX580A 5" x 1000' Extended Core 80G 12 $73.45 $70.51 $67.57 $64.64 $62.43 $73.45 $73.45

STRCPW2080A 20" x 1000' Pipe Wrap 80G 4 $94.45 $90.67 $86.89 $83.12 $80.28 $94.45 $94.45

STRCHF1580A 15" x 1500' Cast Hand 80G 4 $80.69 $77.46 $74.23 $71.01 $68.59 $80.69 $80.69

STRCHF1880A 18" x 1500' Cast Hand 80G 4 $92.66 $88.95 $85.25 $81.54 $78.76 $92.66 $92.66

STRBHF1580A 15" x 1500' Blown Hand 80G 4 $80.69 $77.46 $74.23 $71.01 $68.59 $80.69 $80.69

STRBHF1590A 15" x 1500' Blown Hand 90G 4 $88.15 $84.62 $81.10 $77.57 $74.93 $88.15 $88.15

STRBHF1870A 18" x 1500' Blown Hand 70G 4 $88.15 $84.62 $81.10 $77.57 $74.05 $88.15 $88.15

STRBHF1880A 18" x 1500' Blown Hand 80G 4 $94.45 $90.67 $86.89 $83.12 $80.28 $94.45 $94.45

STRBHF1890A 18" x 1500' Blown Hand 90G 4 $101.33 $97.28 $93.22 $89.17 $86.13 $101.33 $101.33

STRBMF2075A1 75G 1 $78.75 $72.45 $78.75 $78.75 $78.75 $74.81 $69.30

STRZHF1880ABCD 18" x 1500' Black Cast Hand 80G 4 $83.95 $80.59 $77.23 $73.88 $71.36 $83.95 $83.95


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Stretch Wrap – A Solution for A Safe and Efficient Shipping

Packaging and shipping become efficient and effective when assembling goods by combining them into a single unit. What’s more, this kind of method will guarantee both well-organized and safe delivery measures to any preferred destination point. Thus, incorporating the use of stretch wrap will surely upgrade your shipping processes by avoiding out theft-related and product damage incidents.

How Does Stretch Wrap Work?

Stretch wraps are a permanent solution for different types of transit dangers. They safeguard every good from scratches, moisture, and dust. Without employing conventional binding shipping aids like poly strapping bands, bungee cords, or twine wires, your shipment is highly susceptible to loosening and becoming unstable. That’s because of the normal shifting processes involved throughout transit.

As a result, the goods are easily prone to falling apart throughout delivery that could be damaging to profit loss, liabilities and customer relations. For that reason, stretch wrap is a perfect solution for safe and effective product delivery because it’s made to endure the majority of extreme weather conditions, warehousing treatment, stacking methods and faulty transportation means.

Along with superior load holding solidity and self-adhering cling abilities, this shipping device is appropriate for many goods.

Different Types of Stretch Wraps

Equally, every stretch film must safeguard goods against damage, moisture, dirt, and water from too much moving. Those consumers who are acquainted with industrial standard blown hand wrap expect this stretch wrap to be extremely durable and tough.

In case you didn’t know yet, cast hand wrap is manufactured through a cast extrusion process. These type of stretch wraps is low cost, and the manufacturing procedure enables the wrap to have a higher degree of clarity. It involves a small amount of force to stretch, has excellent grip, and releases quietly.

On the other hand, down-gauge wraps are usually an acquired option because of its stretch elongation factors as well as thinner gauge thickness.

The dynamic engineered attributes of pre-stretch wrap are determined easily by its stretch percentage of 150%. That allows to snug tightly the goods they are wrapping for a secure and safe fit.

Hand-held stretch dispensers can be as cheap as a few dollars. The typical rule is that when the user is wrapping 15 or more loads every day, it is more cost-efficient to utilize a machine compared to wrapping by hand.

Which Version of Stretch Wrap Works for You?

Choosing the right stretch wrap varies on the type of requirements you have. So, no matter what your shipping project is, there’s only one name to count on. Here at StarBoxes, we have a wide array of stretch wraps for you to choose from our selection.

Apart from that, we have also Pipe Stretch Wrap, Anti-Static Stretch, Color Stretch Wrap, Netting & Vented, Black Wrap, Extended Core, Mini Wrap, and Machine Stretch. Whatever you have in your mind, we have it all here.

What are you waiting on? Place your orders now and get the stretch wraps you need!