Anti-Static Stretch Wrap

Anti Stat Stretch Wrap

  Stretch Film Anti-Static 

Our Anti-Static Machine Film is an important resource for the safeguarding of your electronic equipment, flammable products, chemicals, and paints. This film is vital to have because it stabilizes loads during transit. With characteristics similar to cast stretch film, economy stretch wrap, and blown stretch film, this film has a self-cling attribute which makes strapping and packing tape unnecessary for securing. Tier Pricing is Per Case.

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Anti-Static Stretch Wrap

Manufacturers of certain products with electronics or some chemical components need special packing solutions to avoid damages associated with the effects of static and electrostatic discharges. Use of the Anti-Static Stretch Wraps are among the most efficient packing procedure adapted by most manufacturers and shippers alike. While the shipping of items like mirrors, artworks, glasses, and other fragile goods are difficult for manufacturers and shippers delivering the damage-free electronic equipment is even more challenging. The most obvious concern for small or big businesses remains in scratches, dents and other damages caused by dropping and mishandling of the packages during transportation. Some of these minor damages are the biggest contributing factors in increase in the return of merchandise by consumers. The returned products could cost the businesses more than the cost of the products:

  • High labor costs
  • Loss of capital
  • Loss of business
  • Increase in customer service calls resulting in even more labor costs
  • Increase in shipping costs when products are replaced
  • Negative perceptions on the products
  • Damaging the goodwill of the company

Another challenge for the manufacturer is the shipping of electronic devices with charged devices, which can become seriously dangerous and harmful to people around the cargo when the poorly protected items create electric shocks resulting in fire and injuries in flammable environments. Without a proper packaging, electronic equipment and chemicals can be damaged or destroyed when exposed to electrostatic discharge, ESD.  The effects of ESD could include damages to electronic components of devices, erasing or changing the magnetic media and setting up fire when in a combustible area. This is especially true when there is a high concentration of oxygen or flammable gases in the surrounding area. Use of the StarBoxes Anti-Static Stretch Wrap and other similar supplies is one of the necessary steps in properly packaging these type of products.

At StarBoxes, we offer Anti-Static Stretch Wraps for companies offering electronic equipment, chemicals, paints, and other flammable products. As one of the best Shipping Supplies providers we make our Anti-Static Machine Films according to the highest industry standards. We also have the capability to customize our quality Anti-Static Stretch Wraps to meet our clients’ unique needs and requirements.

All About Anti-Static Stretch Wrap

While the Anti-Static Stretch Wrap plays a vital role during the transportation of any electronic equipment and flammable goods not all products on the market will deliver the necessary quality. At Starboxes, we take pride in the superiority of our Anti-Static Stretch Wraps and all other packaging and shipping products. Furthermore, the StarBoxes Anti-Static Stretch Wrap features a self-clinging attribute, which is similar to Cast Stretch Films, Blown Stretch Films and Opaque Stretch Wraps. The ability of the Anti-Static Stretch Wrap to securely cling around the object eliminate the need for using Packing Tape or strapping helping the packing companies avoid costly materials while promoting a safe and damage-free shipping.

The StarBoxes Anti-Static Stretch Wrap offers a great level of safety in protecting the electronic product sensitive to dangerous static discharge. With proper application to the surface of the objects, our Anti-Static Products can eliminate electrostatic discharge and other unexpected events.  StarBoxes Anti-Static Stretch Wrap also protects delicate items from electronic discharge damages by clinging tightly to objects and lowering the static generation. For many years, companies in different industries have chosen our Anti-Static Stretch Wrap for shipping chemicals, flammable materials, and electronics simply because of the quality and durability of our products. What makes StarBoxes stand ahead of the competition is the affordability of the top quality Anti-Static Stretch Wrap and wide variety of types and sizes.

Your Safety is our Top Priority

Electronics and chemicals require proper and custom Anti-Static Stretch Wrap and without the right protection, static discharge could create a dangerous environment around the cargo. At StarBoxes, we can customize our Anti-Static Stretch Wrap for clients with unique requirements, please contact one of our packaging and shipping experts.