Medium Bubble 2400' x 12" Wide 5/16" Wrap

  • Bulk Bubble Roll 2400 Feet x 12" Wide - 5/16" Medium Sized Bubbles
  • Medium air chambers to pack fragile items for shipment or storage
  • Perforated sheets every foot to pack dishes, figurines, glasses, and books
  • Manufactured in the US with sturdy polyethylene material for superior protection
  • Use bubble rolls to fill voids in the boxes to keep objects secure from shifting and vibrating

Bubble Cushioning Roll For Packaging products

Whether you are planning on shipping or storing products in your warehouse using the correct packaging supplies is very crucial. Less damaged items will occur when it comes to ensuring the safety of your products. You may wonder which is the adequate packaging material for your packaging needs. StarBoxes bubble cushioning roll not only offers excellent cushioning protection but is also perfect for a wide range of applications. Here we will dive deep into this popular packaging material and what makes it different from others.

Learn more about bubble cushioning roll

A bubble roll is a plastic sheet that is covered with air-filled bubbles. This packaging material can be purchased in sheets, bubble bags, and rolls. StarBoxes offers bubble rolls in a wide range of sizes for you to pack all types of products. Reduce the chance of damaged products and keep them protected from environmental elements during shipment or storage. You know you can never go wrong with these packaging materials when it comes to protecting fragile items.

Bubble Roll Vs Packing paper

When it comes to filling empty spaces in boxes or simply protecting your product which product should you choose? You may wonder what could be the best choice if packing paper or bubble roll. You may think that packing paper is just ordinary paper like the one in your notebook. The truth is that packing paper is a unique packaging material that is ideal for packing items. These packaging materials are both effective when they are used in different situations. Below you will find what each of these two choices is used best for.

Void fillers

You can cushion the bottom of your boxes with bubble roll and combine it with packing paper to fill in the empty gaps. We recommend that you use bubble roll when you are filling larger empty spaces. Filling large empty spaces can make you use a large amount of packing paper while for bubble roll you will only use a smaller quantity.

Packing products

The best part about these two packaging materials is that they can be combined for better protection of your items. If you are planning on packing products we recommend that you use packing paper as your first layer and bubble roll as your second layer. This way it can protect items against scratched and cracks during movement.



More Information
SKU BUBMD0121600
UPC 810106512044
Weight 27.000000
Size 2400' x 12"
Product Type Bubble Cushioning
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear
Bulk Bubble Roll size 2400 Ft long X 12 In" wide, 5/16 " medium sized bubbles. Provides great protection for your most valuable items when storing or shipping.
Manufacture in the United States and made of polyethylene material. Transparent flexible plastic material that secures your items in an easy way against any accident during transit
Ideal for wrapping fragile and sensitive items like vases, candles, artwork, Flatscreen TV, and pictures
Provides cushioning for packages and items at a low cost. Ideal for shipping, commercial and packaging industries to ship items to their customers
Resistant to water, moisture, good insulator, and also helps prevent surface damage on your items
Features / Highlights Lightweight, Transparent, Perforated, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective and Reusable, Easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 2400.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.312500
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