40 lb. Kraft Paper Roll - 15" x 765'

  • 40 lb. Kraft Paper Roll - 15" x 765' - Wholesale Shipping Mailing
  • Kraft paper is durabale and tear resistance for a packing material to ship boxes
  • Kraft paper may be die cut, rubber stamped and painted for parties or holiday decor
  • Customize for table cloths, cards, gift wrapping and signs for parties or weddings
  • Brown Kraft Paper is biodegradable and eco-friendly and may be composted for garden soil

Why Is Kraft Paper So Popular?

Kraft paper has become one of the most popular packing material because of it’s strength and their eco-conscious design. If you are a business owner and want to incorpórate eco-friendly practices into your business then our Kraft Wrapping paper is the perfect option for you. In this article, we are going to give you a quick guide on how kraft paper is made and how you can incorporate kraft wrapping paper into your business or home decor.

Kraft paper evolution and process

The kraft paper process is to convert wood into wood pulp. This process uses mechanical and chemical process that consist of mixing sodium sulfide, hot water and sodium hydroxide. This process became more environmentally friendly thanks to the invention of the recovery boiler in the early 1930’s. Compared to other packing material kraft paper is made from wood pulp and can be manufactured with all types of woods and non-woods like agri-residues and bamboo.

Why choose Kraft paper?

Compared to other packing material brown kraft paper is  stronger and has a resistance to tear since it’s manufacturing process does not require extensive bleaching. Kraft paper rolls have a lot of qualities that can be helpful for your home use or business requirements. Here is a list of ways on how you can use it in your home or business.

For packing your products

Lightweight wrapping paper that helps reduce your shipping cost since it adds little weight to your package.  Made with a smooth and durable texture that makes it easier to protect and wrap your products. The material is strong and is pliable to shape to products or to crumple around the packed items.

For promoting your business

Make your product packaging more attractive by stamp printing your business logo or other branding ideas to help you grab your customers attention. Personalized packaging can give customers a unique visual effect when unwrapping their gifts or purchases from your company. A little personalization helps customers differentiate and remember company brands. The little extra touch shows you care whether it is a personal wax seal with ribbon or a hand written note it is the details the customer will remember.

Give your business a rustic look

Create your own eco-friendly retail displays, banners, sigs, envelopes, bags, or cones for your products that your customers will notice that your company is environmentally- responsible.

Shipping Box Void Fills

Use brown paper for void- filling applications when compared to other packing materials it does not make a mess.  Brown paper rolls are durable and can be reusable for another task or composted in the garden.

Wall –mounted kraft paper roll

Create your own wall–mounted kraft paper roll for your business with our brown kraft paper that can help you display and write information for shops, restaurants, home, office, studio, etc.

Use it for crafting ideas

Have fun with it by creating several kraft paper proyects with your kids to help them learn, play and develop their creative side. Learn how to make treat bags, decorations, photography backgrounds, etc.

More Information
SKU KRAFT4076515
UPC 810042155329
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Wood Pulp
Features / Information durable and tear-resistant, eco-friendly, wrap and pack, economical, protective void fill, different kraft paper weights
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 12.000000
Product Length 765.000000
Product Width 15.000000
Product Height 0.000000
Kraft paper roll of 40 pounds with size 12" X 765'. Helps ensure your most valuable objects arrive safely.
Add a layer of protection to your most fragile items and help prevent breakage when or shipment.
High tear resistance that can be used for making your own gift bags, make party decorations, photo frames, etc.
Use it for making your holiday crafts like gingerbread houses, holiday gift wrapping, table runners, and country wedding theme.
Decorate your houseplants, lamps, memo boards, or useful for home renovations to protect wall and floors.
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