50 lb. Kraft Paper Roll - 18" x 600'

  • 50 lb. Kraft Paper Roll - 18" x 600' - Box Shipping Paper to wrap fragile items and fill voids in the boxes to prevent movement
  • Inexpensive packing material, home decor medium, gardening supply, and used for construction and renovaation projects
  • Covering for floors, windows, doors, and walls while renovating your home
  • Keeps home task centers organized with school sports schedules, grocery lists, menus, homework and chores
  • Choose the size Kraft Paper just right for projects with varying lengths and widths available

Kraft Paper Is An Eco-Friendly Packing Solution

If you are looking for a sustainable packaging choice that can help your business become more environmentally conscious then you have come to the correct place.  StarBoxes kraft paper rolls are a high tear resistance packaging paper that can be used for your everyday applications since they can be used for multiple purposes.  This wrapping paper is more durable and resistant to tear compared to regular packaging paper and newspaper.  Take a closer look at how kraft paper can be an excellent choice for your packaging needs.

Kraft Paper Is Commonly Used by E-Commerce Companies

Kraft paper rolls are a packaging material that is commonly used by many e-commerce companies for multiple applications.  This kraft paper comes in a natural brown color that gives your packages an excellent impression.  The packaging material provides excellent protection for your delicate products that require extra care during transportation or storage.  Another benefit of using kraft paper is that it also keeps your products clean from dirt, dust, and surface damage.

Personalize Kraft Paper For Packaging and Crafts

You can personalize kraft paper rolls according to your business needs since it is designed with a smooth surface that makes it easy for you to write or stamp print on.  This packaging paper is perfect for you to protect different types of products from your warehouse.  Kraft paper can also be used for you to void empty spaces in your shipping boxes.  This way you can keep your products compressed together and stop them from moving around while they are on the road. Kraft paper is popular for many craft projects or holiday decorating.

Why Use Kraft Paper?

Wrapping your products with kraft paper is a simple solution since it is easy and practical to use.  Kraft paper can be a great solution for you to save money on product damage and freight cost since it is light in weight.  It can be also be used for multiple purposes in your school, home, and office.

Give your customer a great impression by using a green environmental solution that doesn’t cause negative effects on the environment like plastic.  Next time you pack your products, you should consider using a sustainable choice like kraft paper, that doesn’t affect the environment and your budget.

More Information
SKU KRAFT6060018
UPC 810106512556
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Wood Pulp
Features / Information durable and tear-resistant, eco-friendly, wrap and pack, economical, protective void fill, different kraft paper weights
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 15.300000
Product Length 600.000000
Product Width 18.000000
Product Height 0.000000
50 pounds of Kraft paper roll with size 18" X 600'. High tear resistance kraft paper that can be used for multiple crafting projects.
Use for your kids birthday parties to create several decorations and keep kids entertained with creative activities.
A beautiful way to customize your christmas presents. Wrap and decorate your christmas gifts in a personal creative way.
Can be used for your children’s school projects like drawing, painting, science experiments, crafting, and as a flooring cover for easy cleanup.
Create your own tags or stickers for your products, wedding tags, Christmas gifts, birthday tags, events, along with hand stamped gift wrap
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