Masking Tape

Masking Tape

Professional Masking Tape

General purpose masking tape that has been designed for use as a utility grade crepe paper masking tape for non-critical applications. An excellent room temperature product which primary use includes packaging, bundling, labeling and numerous other applications where a pressure sensitive tape is needed.

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Great Ways on How to Use a Masking Tape

Most of you are familiar with using masking tape to cover areas during the painting process. But, you can also use this item in a variety of ways. These handy tips can save you time in cleanup or storing products.

So, are you ready to use the masking tape in different ways? Industrial masking tape is used in a wide variety of business including automotive, construction, restaurant, and electrical. Here is the variety of ways that you can use Masking Tape in households:

Masking Tape Makes a Great Label to Food Containers and School Equipment

Are you in need of the perfect label for your food containers? In using making tapes, you can label food containers with ease. The smooth surface of the tape makes labeling easy and fast. It gives you a hassle-free way in determining containers you have in your kitchen.

Meanwhile, you can label school supplies using a Masking Tape. It’s perfect to mark the school books and lunch boxes of your kids. You can be sure the labeling process is easy and effective.

Perfect Road for a Child’s Toy Car

Children love to play with toy cars. So, why not make it more fun for your kids? You can use a Masking Tape to make an imaginary road on the floor or lines for a parking lot. You can use cardboard as a stop sign or other road signs. It enables your children to develop their motor skills.

It’s essential for the skills that they need when they grow old.

Use it to Hang Party Streamers

You can hang up your decorations for your next party. One of the best ways to do it is using a Masking Tape. Yes, it’s perfect to use than regular tapes. Why? It doesn’t leave residue on the wall. You would be glad about the result it gives you.

But, you have to make sure to remove it after two days. It would assure you that no marks in the walls would remain. Use masking tape to secure balloons and other party wall decorations.

Keeps Paint Can Clean

If you’re painting your home, it’s best to keep your paint cans neat. You can use a Masking Tape to cover the rim of the top part of the can. It’s easy and comfortable to use with paint brushes.

That’s not all. Here are the great reasons you need to have a masking tape:

  • The tape sticks immediately to any surface. It resists curling and lifting in painting applications

  • It maintains a smooth surface after you use or apply it to any surface

  • It offers an easy removal process

  • The tape is eco-friendly, so you don't have to worry about using it

Garage Sale Labels

Getting ready to sell your house? Use color-coded markers for marking all your items for the garage sale. Use pink for $1.00, red for $2.00 etc... The tape sticks well to most surfaces and can be easily removed once purchased.

Church or School Bake Sales

Purchase reclosable bags and use masking tape to mark prices on your bake sale goods.  Cost efficient and keeps the product sealed. 


Try your hand at a DIY project using masking to tape to section off the canvas and painting the different areas various colors. Kids will enjoy the creative part and have a nice piece of artwork to hang up.

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