Foam Wrap

  1. $19.95

  2. 150-Feet x 12-Inches
    1/16-Inches Thick
    Ships from FL 1-5 day Delivery

  3. $36.50

  4. 7-3/8-Inches Wide
    7-1/2-Inches Long
    Ships from FL 1-5 day Delivery

  5. 9-1/8-Inches Wide
    9-3/4-Inches Long
    Ships from FL 1-5 day Delivery

  6. 7-Inches Wide
    11-7/8-Inches Long
    Ships from FL 1-5 day Delivery

  7. 11-7/8-Inches Wide
    12-1/8-Inches Long
    Ships from FL 1-5 day Delivery


With the vast variety of the packing solutions currently on the market, the Foam Wrap is perhaps one of the most cost-effective Packing Supply that is underutilized. Foam Wraps are perfect packing tools providing protection and lightweight cushioning all in affordable pricing. Just like Wide Bubble Rolls and other packaging solutions out there, with the primary function of filling voids in Commercial Boxes to prevent damages to delicate contents throughout the shipping process.

With many Packing Supplies available to do the similar jobs the Foam Wrap by StarBoxes has its advantages. We provide a variety of foam wrap in different sizes in competitive prices and even with free shipping. Throughout the years, StarBoxes Foam Wrap packing solutions have been trusted by many movers and shippers as an excellent cushioning agent for packing delicate items such as mirrors, artworks, and other articles.

Unlike other packing solutions, Foam Wraps are packed with thousands of air cells to protect the products from damages during transit. Foam Wraps are thinner, which make the wrapping and stacking of many products much faster than other alternatives. Foam Wraps also allow for packing more items in a shipping box while avoiding the risk of costly scratches and breakages. Our products, including foam wrap 150’x12” (1/16 thick) and foam wrap 150’x24 (3/32 thick), also offers extra thermal insulation to protect items like electronics. Foam Wrapping strengthens insulation and helps decrease the risk of damages to the electronics and other delicate contents.

When it comes to stacking items such as glasses and dishes, Foam Wrap offers an ideal level of protection necessary to avoid breakage. Foam Wraps is instrumental in saving packaging time while allowing the safe stacking of the products. Instead of individually wrapping every item, the use of the Foam Wrap is a time-saving solution by allowing the packaging of the multiple items secured by Foam Wrap. Each of StarBoxes Foam Wraps is also easy to unroll with the use of the perforations to tear off as foam sheets.

The Foam Wrap serves as a protection for large items when used as a roll while it is easy to tear off for smaller items. Using Foam Wrap will create a buffer between the contents and shipping boxes to reduce the effects of the shocks and vibrations. Just like StarBoxes wide Bubble Cushioning Wrap and Packing Peanuts, our foam wrap comes in a range of sizes to fit different packaging applications. Regardless of the packing solution, you can protect your products from cracks, scratches, and other damages. The extra lightweight of the Foam Wrap will not be burden on the shipping costs.


At StarBoxes, our foam wrap is known for compression strength. As a matter of fact, it is designed to minimize shocks or vibrations during handling and transport. With many packing solutions available finding the right packing supply to preserve the integrity of the products from packing to delivery. The foam wrap by StarBoxes is tear-resistant, providing adequate protection for items from with sharp edges they may come to contact with. Commercial businesses have also been using the StarBoxes Foam Wrap and other cushioning products when shipping heavy products.

StarBoxes has been offering customization to many industries ensuring the availability of perfect products for any job. The various direct relationship with many packing supplies manufacturers, StarBoxes is able to source any type of custom packaging requirements your business may need. Whether you want to customize your shipping or secure delicate articles, StarBoxes is the single source to deliver quality and affordable packaging solutions. For more information on all other types of foam products offered by StarBoxes, please refer to our website at: StarBoxes. We also encourage our valued customers to share their feedbacks and concerns. Give us a call today!