Foam Sheets 12" x 12" (50 Pack) 1/16"

  • Foam Sheets 12" x 12" (50 Pack) 1/16" thickness to pack dishes and fragile goods
  • Layer the foam sheets between dinner plates, bowls, and salad plates to protect from scratches and breakage
  • Long-lasting and reusable for holiday dishes and fine china or packing fragile items
  • Precut foam sheets are non-abrasive and protective for storing or shipping fragile items
  • Packers will save time packing and wrapping items while having fewer damages occur

Foam Sheets A Practical Packaging Choice!

Foam packaging has become an excellent option when it comes to ensuring the safety of fragile items during transportation or storage.  StarBoxes offers different types of foam packaging materials for you to protect and secure your most valuable items from damage.  StarBoxes foam sheets are an excellent solution for you to provide additional protection for your items.  This packaging material allows you to keep your products in place and separated from each other during shipment.  Foam sheets can be used for multiple purposes in your home, office, and warehouse.  Continue reading more about foam sheets and why they can be an excellent packaging choice for your business.

Versatile Packaging Material To Protect Shipments

This versatile packaging material is perfect for protecting different types of objects like holiday ornaments, antiques, ceramics, dishes, and other delicate items. Its softness offers excellent cushioning protection for your items against vibrations and shocks that can occur during external impacts.  Foam sheets can be used to keep your fragile items separated from each other in order to prevent scratches and surface damage.  Its smooth appearance not only provides superior protection to your products, but it also gives them a neat presentation.

Benefits of Foam Sheets For Packing

Packing your products with foam sheets will also keep your products free from dirt and dust during long-term storage.  This packaging material may be used to wrap and secure your products for better protection of your delicate products.  Foam sheets are commonly used by many e-commerce and packaging companies because of their multiple benefits. Compared to other packaging materials like kraft paper, this water-proof foam sheet offers better protection against water damage, shocks, bumps, and vibrations.

Foam wrap sheets are a lightweight packaging material that can be used for multiple purposes like to void fill in corrugated boxes, crafting, school projects, moving out, home remodeling, storage, and much more.  This packaging material is a great solution that can help you save time and money packing your products.  Foam sheets can offer much more to your business than just providing protection for your products.

More Information
UPC 810042152618
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Polyethylene
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights Light and flexible cushioning, Perforated sheets, Void fill or wrap capabilities, Protects delicate goods, Shock absorbing, Moisture resistant
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.250000
Product Length 12.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.010000
12" x 12" foam sheets for ready for packing and shipping small size objects including antiques, collectibles, and dishes
Use pre cut foam sheets for holiday decorations and decor to place in storage after the holidays
Foam sheets are easy to secure with packing tape on the end of the fold
Prevent scratches and knicks in fine china, glassware, and pottery when using the proper packing material
Polyethylene material is strong and durable and in most cases can be reused again for packing away holiday decor
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