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Packing Peanuts – Making Your Shipping a Lot Easier and Safer

Packing peanuts, also referred to as foam wraps or air pillows are typically used when shipping breakable objects. These come in various shapes and colors that will offer you an idea of its construction.

Did you know that packing peanuts got their name from their unusual shape and size? The shape is intended to help them lock together every time they’re compressed in a very tight location. That keeps them from moving too much. Often, they are made from Styrofoam. However, they can be made from starch as well, that has become more sought-after in previous times. Starch isn’t just biodegradable, but they are non-toxic as well.

What are the Available Types of Packing Peanut?

  • Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags are very efficient in stabilizing and safeguarding the cargo in vessels, railcars, trailers and sea containers. The airbags are an adaptable load securing goods for cargo which are practical at stopping the movement of shipping loads throughout transportation. You see, these bags are designed with a closed chamber bag that is made of plastic materials.

  • Foam Wrap

Foam wrap is a very versatile material, and most consumer electronic items shipped these days come around by a pre-cut foam insert that is custom made to the precise shape of the item. Therefore, it offers the ultimate in all-around protection.

  • Air Pillows

Air pillows are very affordable to buy, and every individual bag covers a lot of space while offering superior cushioning compared to its paper rivals. You see, they’re super simple for our customers to dispose of rather than the reels of papers you end up every time opening a parcel.

  • Biodegradable Peanuts

If you preferred peanuts for all your storage needs, you must opt for biodegradable peanuts. These are made of cornstarch that will leave less waste footprint behind. You see, non-toxic is always a great thing if there are pets or small kids nearby. That way, you won’t need too much concern when older children play with packing peanuts.

  • Anti-Static Peanuts

Are you familiar with those pink colored packing peanuts? Well, in case you didn’t know yet, they are called anti-static peanuts. They are typically used in conjunction along with electronic objects that requires to be static-free.

  • Industrial Peanuts

As what the name tells, industrial peanuts are used for industrial purposes. These are well-matched with the majority of loose-handling systems. Also, they feature superb cushioning and resiliency properties.

Purchase Packing Peanuts Today!

Packing peanuts surely work best to fill the spaces in your container or box. Their soft nature and shape enable them to take on the different shapes needed to fill spaces very well. Further, because they present loose fill packing, the items will still be able to move within the box slightly. That option works well for bigger less delicate items.

So, if you wish to purchase air pillows or foam wraps for your shipping packages, place your order now at StarBoxes to get started!