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Do you have a business or need to ship different products which require purchasing a lot of different size shipping boxes? The best way to purchase the right boxes for the right price is to buy wholesale shipping boxes or purchase in bulk. Wholesale corrugated boxes are great if you need to have a lot of one-sized boxes or a combination of sizes. For businesses who use many packing boxes in similar sizes, the Multi-Depth Shipping Boxes are a perfect solution. The Multi-Depth boxes are adjustable to different depths eliminating the need to stock many different size shipping boxes

StarBoxes offers a wide selection of shipping boxes in different sizes and all in bulk pricing. StarBoxes has been the direct supplier of shipping boxes and packing supplies to many online retail businesses, movers, packaging companies, and manufacturers.


Did you know that shipping boxes such as heavy-duty boxes, cube boxes, and flat boxes are made using corrugated boards in different strength? While most regular shipping boxes are 32 ECT (Edge Crush Test) some are graded by their puncture resistance strength like boxes labeled as 275 Lbs. Also, some of the cardboard boxes are designed to have triple or double-layer corrugation to ensure that they’re durable and strong.

The heavy-duty double-walled boxes are heavier and cost more. These shipping boxes should only be used when necessary to avoid the additional expenses. Now, if you preferred to use a heavy-duty shipping box, then you’ll find them to be both longer-lasting and sturdier than single walled corrugated boxes. Call one of the shipping supplies experts at StarBoxes to discuss what kind of shipping boxes are more suitable for your specific needs.


These types of shipping boxes are very practical in offices & retail businesses and favored by many shippers as well. That’s because they have a great ability to withstand shock and extremely durable while resisting damages when stacked. Such qualities make them perfect for businesses, particularly when shipping goods.

Also, corrugated boxes are manufactured to transport a wide array of items. They transport long distances and still provide the necessary protection to the contents. Various items, ranging from food items, snacks and detergents are made accessible to consumers with corrugated boxes. Using the proper packing materials such as cardboard dividers, packing paper, air pillows, or packing peanuts keep items protected in the boxes while traveling or in storage.

  • Heavy-Duty Boxes

There are instances when you need durable and stronger boxes than regular ones. They are called heavy-duty boxes. Several processes are utilized in making these type of shipping boxes when compared to average style boxes. That procedure makes them more durable and punctures resistant. They have a better-corrugated structure, tougher coat and provide more protection.

What’s more, they can be utilized to travel bulky items because they provide superior protection when packed properly. A lot of sensitive items like printers, ovens, TVs, computers and more could be moved safely in those boxes.


When you’re planning to purchase shipping boxes, either those multi-depth boxes, long boxes or tall boxes, there’s no need for you to do the legwork. You can search on our online shipping supply store and place your order. Our website has images of the boxes together with specifications and edge crush test quality. You can easily make your decision and place your order. Expect that your shipping boxes will be shipped to your location in no time!

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