Product Dimensions

Why Are Product Dimensions Important?

Shipping carriers charge according to the weight and size of the shipping packages. It is important to determine if the items are fragile or can withstand the vibrations and movements during transportation. It would cost less for a poly mailer vs a poly bubble mailer that has padding included. Knowing the products your business will be shipping can save on packaging supplies and shipping costs. It is unnecessary to use extra box space and packing materials if the item is smaller and does not require all the extra protection of packing material.  The same goes for shipping envelopes.

When required Starboxes products have the dimensions of the packages either in the product title, details or short description area depending on the product layout.

Some examples are below:

  • Box Dimensions are listed as LxWxH (Length x Width x Height) Also you can look at the different styles of boxes whether they are listed under Long, Tall, Flat, Multi-Depth or Cube Boxes.
  • Shipping Envelopes - The envelopes will have the inside and outside dimensions located in the product details tab
  • Bubble Rolls dimensions will be listed in the product title For Example: Small Bubble 175' x12" wide 3/16" wrap
  • Tape - The tape size and Mil can be found in the product title
  • Paper Packaging - The dimensions can be found either in the title or short description depending on the type of packing paper
  • Packing List Envelopes sizes may be found in the product title
  • Moving and Storage - All box sizes will be found in the product short description. You must open the product to see the box size dimensions. If it is a kit the supplies will also be listed.
  • Box Bundles will have the dimensions in the Details Tab
  • Moving Supplies open the SKU and the product sizes are in the short description