Paper Packaging

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Paper Packaging and Void Fill

The main goal of taking the time to wrap and pack an item in a shipping box remains in the reduction of the risk of damages during transit and storage. Another consideration is the material has to be lightweight to be cost effective in shipping expenses. Regardless of how much time or money put into packaging, the end results would not be positive if there are flaws in the packaging methods. The use of the quality shipping boxes and packaging supplies is only a start to the successful delivery of the undamaged goods to a destination.

As many manufacturers and shippers know, filling the void is a top priority for correctly packing the goods. The void is referred to the empty space between the content being packed and the box. If this void space is not filled properly the content is destined to shift and cause damages. To achieve effective packaging results there are many wonderful packing supplies designed for void fills, which includes Packaging Papers, Bubble Rolls and Packing Peanuts.

Packing Papers

Packing Papers are one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly packing supplies designed to fill the void in the shipping boxes. The Packaging Papers are offered in different varieties based on their thickness and level of protection:

Newsprint Sheets or Packing Papers

Newsprint Sheets are unprinted sheets of paper ideal for wrapping fragile items or using them as void fill by crinkling them or rolling them to ball shaped forms. These Packing Papers are the most economical tools in protecting the contents of the boxes. A single sheet of the Packing Papers does not offer much cushioning or fill the void space and would only be effective if enough of them is used.

Kraft Paper Rolls

The Kraft Paper Rolls are the most common packing material used by manufacturers, online stores and shippers for wrapping or void fill. The Kraft Papers were originally used by butchers for their sturdy texture in wrapping meat and in the fish market for wrapping fish. The Kraft Paper Rolls are offered in many different width and length making them a versatile packing supply to match the requirement of different packaging needs. The Kraft Packing Papers are manufactured with layers of little bumps to help in absorbing liquid as well as providing more cushion than a regular sheet of paper.

Many consumers have also found other uses for kraft paper in country kitchens, retail settings, weddings, and kids crafts. The kraft paper rolls are used for table settings, creating retail and wedding signs, and kids can use the kraft paper to create artwork. Hang the kraft paper rolls on the wall for the family command center or in the office to keep projects organized. Write a menu, grocery list, kids school schedules or office project details. When you need to update just tear off the kraft roll and you have a clean slate to write on. Check out StarBoxes Pinterest Kraft Paper Rolls Board for ideas on how to use kraft paper rolls.

Corrugated Wrap

Corrugated Wraps are ideal for packing fragile items and void fill. The Corrugated Wrap can be used to wrap around the fragile items by simply rolling them on a table, putting the item in the middle, wrapping the Corrugated Wrap around the goods and securing the ends with Packing Tape. The Corrugated Wraps are offered in rolls for easy handling, just by cutting the area sufficient to wrap each item and reduce the waste of the packing materials. The Corrugated Wraps come in 250’ long rolls, 1/8” thick B Flute and various width of 6” to 48”.